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    Annoying cookie notification and Google Analytics



    I'm using Google Analytics with one of my Godaddy websites (it's more of a one-page lander), and until recently, I have been able to effectively use Google Analytics without needing to enable that obnoxious cookie notification. Last night I updated the Godaddy Website Builder, and all of a sudden, my Google Analytics is no longer working!

    At first I thought it was an issue on Google's end, but after a bunch of trial and error, found that Godaddy is now requiring that ridiculous cookie popup, to which I have to agree, before it shows up on Google Analytics. 

    What gives?? Why now, when it has worked fine for over two years now?

    I know some snowflake countries get their feelings hurt when you track their visit, but is this really the new norm? I would rather not require people to agree to cookies on my paper thin lander. I just want to track traffic volumes and where it's coming from!

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