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Account has been hacked


My account has been hacked, they enabled 2-factor authentication so I can't reset password. They placed many orders, I tried to contact Godaddy by phone to cancel all orders and close my account but they haven't done anything, they said that I need to login to my account but how?


Are you being asked to log in because you don't have a PIN to prove you are the owner of the account (and not the hacker)?


Mine got hijacked as well.  I was able to get in an reset the password.  Someone went crazy and started ordering hosting packages.  If you have ever paid with PayPal at one point, a hacker can leverage this to charge items without providing any further payment credentials.


I've called in about it and someone reversed the orders but I'm still stuck with the payment nightmare until the payments are reversed.


I recommend everyone deleted all their payment types and think twice when using PayPal to fund any payment on their GoDaddy account.  My PayPal was used once back in 2009, I used a credit card since (credit card expired so wouldn't let any payments be processed).  I used Paypal 3 other times on this account and each time it shows as a open authorization for future charges.  Proactively, I've gone into Paypal and cleared out all billing arrangements.