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Acct hold and cannot get verification email

I purchase domain yesterday and going to change its name server. However , it keep on showing my acct is temporary hold and need email verification.

Ok so I ttriggerred email sent hundred times. None of email got so far

I had also tried to change 3 diff mail box:,, All the same

And when I change mail box I did receive email notify saying I changed mail box which means it's not my mail box issue!

How I could make it verified or refund if cannot verify? Worse domain experience so far..

Hi @SaraQian,


Thank you for posting. Sorry to hear you are having trouble receiving the verification email. Please contact our support team so they can further research this issue.

Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.