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Domain registered with Google cloud



I have configured the naming servers for my domain to be my google cloud naming servers from my configured zone but after a few days the DNS still hasn't updated and my domain still isn't forwarding to my app engine instance in google cloud.


goDaddy isn't allowing me to upload images right now but I have my naming servers configured as follows:


These were generated in gcloud with the following two commands:
gcloud dns managed-zones create --dns-name="" --description="copperpunk zone A" "copperpunkzonea"
gcloud dns managed-zones describe "copperpunkzonea"


The error I get in my browser when navigating to is:


This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.
Search Google for copperpunk co uk


Can anyone see if I have done anything wrong for registering my google app engine instance with goDaddy?


I will also post this with the google support group.


Thanks Liam

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Hi @liammorren,

change your DNS back to godaddy default and try forwarding.

I don't have much detail to go on but this will set you on the right path I believe.



Thanks for the help.

However I managed to get it working by changing the DNS records with some help from Google.



i have the same problem , can you please help me !!

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Hi @zoyeshoy789,


Please outline your problem with exact details please? Two people can't have holes in their jumpers in exactly the same place................. even though it's true they are both wearing jumpers! That's just lazy typing..............




regards  aka @rammsteinium

I have  a similar problem:
I am hosting my webserver in google cloud, and  using google DNS.

I updated the Nameserver field in godaddy but even after a day there is no update.

Still getting the same error as mentioned by the original post.

May I know how did you solve it 


For the records i have found the solution at