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Domain registered with Google


I have purchased a domain while I was setting up a Google for work account. Google uses third party providers to register domain names, I choose GoDaddy. Now I want to cancel my google account, but keep the domain. I paid for it, it's mine for a year at least. I thought there would be some way to simply switch it over to GoDaddy since GoDaddy is the actual registrar. I didn't find any such option at Google websites. Searching some more I found the transfer option in GoDaddy so I thought about using that, but filling in the details it informs me that I have to pay 20 euros. For a domain I already own! Is there a way to make this transfer for free or at least cheaper? Is there a better way of ditching google as the middle man and keeping just the domain with GoDaddy.


I should add that Google did not give me GoDaddy login credentials, I do have username and password to login to DNS admin console, but I'm not sure if this is GoDaddy's, or Google's.


Hey @NovotnyM,

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Regarding the situation you've described, sounds like you have a domain name registered through Google Apps. Even though they utilize other registrar provider's licensed domain tools such as ours, they are the actual registrar for the domain. So all account information is created and managed through Google directly. 

We do have a department that specializes in addressing any DNS issues you're having with the Google domain. However, if you're looking to have this moved into an actual account with our services then it does require the purchase of domain transfer request. The reason is because it is essentially changing hands from another registrar provider. 


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Everything you say sounds typical. It is the way that domain names and registrars typically work. As for paying for the transfer, you are actually paying for another year for the domain name. I think that is a requirement; to transfer a domain name, we must pay for another year. So at least the payment is not lost.


It is also typical that we go to the new registrar to transfer a domain name. We must do things such as get a code from the prior registrar, but that is to protect us from someone stealing our domain name.


If you are using privacy in Google then you probably must turn off privacy in Google for the domain name. That is because GoDaddy sends a message to the address on file in Google, which is an address provided by Google for privacy and you won't get the message.


I think that the privacy service that GoDaddy uses provides email forwarding, which means that we probably do not need to turn off privacy if we need to transfer a domain from GoDaddy. So for now on, if I don't use GoDaddy as my registrar, I am going to ensure that the privacy service provided by the registrar is like GoDaddy and provides email forwarding (of the domain name's registration email).