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Quick Question Regarding DNS Records...



Been hosted for quite some time, but just now I am having an issue, mainly my fault, but I think you can help me out...I was updating my dns records for one of my domains, and afterwards, I am only able to access my domain with www. not without www. ( I am test hosting on my own server - new at it ) Now after getting frustrated, I removed all of the dns records, yes, I removed them thinking maybe if I added them in again, it would work, but I am stuck on the srv record. I have copy and pasted the records before deleting them, but the srv record has more than I can see from the info I backed up. I copied the code from the front page of the records (dns management page). So I have no idea how the code should be for the srv record.


This is what I have copied:


Type Name Value TTL Actions


@ 1 Hour Edi

cname email 1 Hour Edit
cname ftp @ 1 Hour Edit
cname www @ 1 Hour Edit
mx @@ (Priority: 10) 1 Hour Edi
mx @ (Priority: 0) 1 Hour Edit
srv _autodiscover._tcp.@ 0 0 443 1 Hour Edit
ns @ 1 Hour
ns @ 1 Hour


Notice the srv line: srv _autodiscover._tcp.@ 0 0 443 1 Hour Edit


When I tried to re add the srv record, I don't know where to put  _autodiscover and autodiscover as they are both very similar. Also the target, there is no explanation about that on your site, that I could find.


Please advise, and if you could restore it automatically for me that would be great!


Thank you



Helper V



Hi Brian,

Nothing is quick when dealing with dns records!

You may laugh, for I did. What I did is go to the open web where folks have video's of nothing but dns records, even in your whm .... One of them I swear I had to rewatch it so many times my other half who does not do the computer can tell you some about dns records, that is where the funny part comes in haha

Hopefully someone from customer service will see this, help you get up and running like you want to be!

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Helper V

Is it solved?

Helper V

To add a SRV record follow the directions here

More specifically to add a SRV record for Godaddy Workspace Email follow the directions


The first link shows how to add a SRV record and the 2nd link shows what to enter for the Godaddy Workspace Email SRV record.


The SRV record is used to allow your email client to auto discover the inbound and outbound email settings. This record is optional and not needed. I use Godaddy workspace email but do not have the SRV Record setup.