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Primer theme and child theme Escapade Cart Conditional Display Options

I am having a very hard time finding documentation for how to customize the Escapade theme installed on a client's WordPress site. This is a GoDaddy child theme built off of Primer.

I've been able to hide the Woocommerce cart option from their main navigation via custom CSS, but I can't find any documentation that would allow me to display the cart only if there are products in it. I know there are plugins that allow you to add a cart option and have settings to only display it when there are items in the cart, but the plugin doesn't override the theme's settings for the cart.

Does anyone have CSS code snippets for this, or any sources of documentation to allow me to customize the functions file? 

Helper IV

This would most likely be php code in functions.php as the CSS would only allow you to style the navigation item, but showing it based on shopping cart items would need to be a customization.  Here's some sample code I found:

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That is a starting point at least. Thanks for the link! If I get this working with the hooks specific to this child theme, I'll edit here and post what I used. 

Right now I'm just hiding the cart, but that isn't ideal.

.woo-menu-cart { display: none !important; }