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Video failed to embed

I'm trying to embed a video within a post (I've done this hundreds of times before) - but this time, the source is on AWS S3 (versus Youtube). When I insert the link, it's creating an <a href> tag versus embedding the video. 


I've explicitly tried to use the [embed] tag, to no avail. I found this thread about the issue, but quite honestly, don't understand what the resolution is.


Is this something I need to call GoDaddy about? I'm new to AWS S3, so I'm unsure I have the permissions correct for the file, although thought that View would be good enough.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Community Manager

Hi, @esherman68. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


Based on this codex entry, the embed feature only works with specific URL types. I don't see AWS on the list in that article. You may need to find a plugin or some other method to embed that type of video, like an iframe or something. Hope that helps!


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