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What's the best plugin for better Google Page Speed Insight?

Recently, we have developed 


We are using WordPress & our page builder is Elementor Pro.


Our website has good score at Gtmetrix and Pingdom but very poor score at Google Page Speed insight. Which plugin can help us increasing the page speed score at Google Page Speed Insight.


Here are the screenshot of the results.



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Re: What's the best plugin for better Google Page Speed Insight?



Hmmm... I ran a GTMetrix report and got a D.   There really isn't "a plugin" that can solve all these issues in one fell swoop nor is there one that concentrates on just one specific speed test.   Once you have all the bases covered all reporting should fall in line with minimal variance.


As is usually the case images are getting an F.  That means they are being scaled down from the upload size to the smaller size that is needed to display.   So you'll want to resize the images noted down to the smaller size and re-upload them.   Also, utilizing an image compression website or plugin for your images can help with over-all image optimization.


For that I use Smush Pro -- but there is a free version to start with.


Leverage Browser Caching and Minify CSS files is next with a C.


In some cases there is only so much you can do with CSS files -- especially with files that are served off your site that are out of your control to control.   There are caching plugins that include these features so review the noted files and then check out the various plugins that can help with that too. 


I use Hummbingbird Pro.


Once you get these first issues resolved, run new tests to get a new benchmark and then you can investigate further.


HTH! 😉


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Re: What's the best plugin for better Google Page Speed Insight?

I recently tried several plugins at . After trying several plugins I followed this guide from gtmetrix This helped me getting an A score at Page Speed but still slow at Yslow Score. Here it is


Can you guide me improving the yslow score?