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wordpress managing application

How do I Update the password revealed when viewing the actions/detail box?
It appears changes within wordpress dashboard is not
reflected in the godaddy dialog box after changing the password for the blog while admin/dashboard is open and changing pw in profile dialog box.. How do I modify the password within godaddy managing applications/detail box?

In another wordpress blog set up within Godaddy wordpress application I was unable to get into a related blog opened within godaddy and change the password
Apparently the password within the managing applications/detail box cannot be updated
within godaddy login?


Community Manager

Hi @samtex. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


I'm not sure what you mean Smiley Sad If you mean the password for the hosting account that hosts WordPress, that would be a different login than what you'd use for logging into /wp-admin. The only type of plan where you wouldn't have a hosting account password would be a Managed WordPress account. However, with that kind of account, you wouldn't have a control panel with a password reset option. Just your WordPress dashboard. Perhaps someone else in the community will have more insight though. 


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