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    Unable to enable the ports 2223 and 2224 for our server

    I  have taken a server in Godaddy. Now we are unable to connect the server through Remote desktop connection . From recovery console , the pointer is not working properly for us. We are keep on asking how to enable the ports 2223, 2224 for our windows server but the support team is providing the commands of linux. We are unable to enable them even after adding the ports through Inbound rules in Windows Firewall. Those ports were not listening still. Is there any way we can do this ?

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    Re: Unable to enable the ports 2223 and 2224 for our server



    Thanks for posting this question. I'm not sure if you need help with this still, but it's possible to use a custom port for RDP on all of our server plans. The process to tell Windows which port RDP should listen on shouldn't vary much between different versions of Windows, but the process to allow inbound traffic will vary depending on which generation of server is being used. The process could range from configuring a software firewall rule in Windows Firewall to configuring a 3rd party software firewall (if one was installed), to even configuring both a software and hardware firewall.


    When it comes to our 4th generation server plans, port 2223 and 2224 are used by some of our own systems. We recommend not interfering with those ports if possible.

    Aaron | GoDaddy - Managed Services