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    Customizing Online Store?

    Hello guys!


    Sorry if there is an answer else where, I tried searching.

    I recently switched my boutique's page from a personal site - which I noticed I could customize EVERYTHING. But then I saw the Business Premium Plan (29$) a month that allows you to have an online store. I selected a theme for my boutique and went to edit it. I am extremely limited on customization - I can't figure out how to remove the Fleur De Lis from my site. Can I go into a different view / method to customize my shop? I really don't understand how this is so much more expensive yet so much more limited? Please help, I can do HTML from scratch so I am really disappointed to see a more expensive plan be so much more restricted...



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    Re: Customizing A Store

    Hi there, 


    Our Online Store is really for customers that are not advanced HTML users. It is a template based store with limited customization availability. However, you can remove and edit any text that was included in the template. I'm not sure what template you're using so it's hard to help via this forum. I definitely recommend giving us a call or chatting with our support team to take a look and provide you with the right support articles and guidance. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Re: Customizing A Store

    I was referring to the Fleur De Lis French theme.

    I don't believe there is any template that allows me to add in images of my own, is that correct?


    Re: Customizing A Store

    Hey ByAlida, 


    I checked on the template that you're referring too, and with that template and other you can add images of your own.  (Also, if you were referring to the fleur de lis on the top of the theme page in your previous comment, than cannot be removed.)


    Here's how: 

    1.Open your Online Store product.

    2.Click Store Design on the top menu bar. 

    3.Under My Theme Settings click the '+' next to Home Page


    You will be able to add up to 4 images to appear in rotation, which includes the ability to delete stock image that appears. 


    I've attached a screenshot for reference as well.  Hope this helps!

    -GoDaddy Help Writer 

    Re: Customizing A Store

    Following.... same questions here.  & i can't seem to add a favicon!!  I HAVE to have one.  If i can't I think i might just start all over with some other dang plan..


    Re: Customizing A Store

    @JuliaJax To clarify, what product are you trying to add a favicon to? Online Store? 

    Re: Customizing A Store

    I'm not an expert on html and css but I dabble with it and I have to agree the online store customization is incredibly simplistic and controlled. I can't edit a lot. I'm having the hardest time just trying to figure out how I can let people select size, brand and item on the site. It seems you cant have a drop down menu for size, etc for customers which I absolutely need!

    Customizing Online Store?

    I am very new to this so i apologize if I am asking a question that have been answered before.  I just recently purchased the GoDaddy Online Store and I am in the process of setting it up and have 2 questions. I am not a web developer but I do understand technology basics.


    1.  Can I used iFrame to embed in a page to embed a photo slideshow?

    It would not let me post the iFrame code here. 


    2.  I can not figure out how to enable social media icons to show up in my footer.  My theme is Minimalist.


    Thank you  



    Re: Customizing A Store


    Hi KayJay-

    GoDaddy should therefore CHANGE your webpage regarding Online Store Customization.
    It is misleading at the very least.
    My customer and I are very disappointed.
    I am a web designer, have my accounts with you, and have sent GoDaddy a lot of business.

    "Choose the design that fits your style

    Select one of our professionally designed themesand make it unique by adding your logo and changing colors or fonts. 'If you know your way around HTML or CSS, you can even dig into the code and make changes that way.'"

    "What if I know the technical aspects of website design? Is Online Store for me?

    Our Online Store builder is perfect for everyone who wants to sell online through an eCommerce site, whether you prefer a plug-and-play option or want to add your own code. When you build your Online Store, you’ll add your logo to make it yours, plus you can add custom code, if you’d like.
    Our eCommerce software also integrates with Google Analytics, so if you or your SEO / website administrator is tracking your sales through visits to your site, you can do all of that with Online Store. See how easy it is to Choose Your Online Store Settings."

    I have asked this several times and do not see a change.
    I have also tried to get help many times from GoDaddy reps, and have been told everything from, "You should have talked to ME first" or "We cannot help you, and our manager cannot help you."
    I have gotten less and less results and worse attitudes from your people than ever before.

    Can you at least request a GoDaddy meeting to not mislead cistomers and give them full disclosure?

    Disappointed customer-
    Thom Hollis, HolliCreative.com

    Online store



    Re: Customizing A Store

    Hi Tom,

    I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!...... I too am having the same issues!!!..... GoDaddy grossly mislead the Online store facility and its ability!!.  I purchased an on line store in October and have worked hard to put it all together only to find that the shipping methods can not be modified for British users!!!! i cannot select postal codes with relevant pricing for the uk!!!!!! (only available for American states!)...... their response "Well there's nothing we can do about that"; ... I have to now set a flat rate meaning i am loosing significant money on restricted postal codes in shipping costs!!......Then when my site went live i noticed only my checkout page is secure not the whole online store!!!!!!! ehhhh excuse me???!!!! so that totally screws me in high priority SEO!!! ....They clearly advertise ssl certificate ranges to which i purchased an EV SSL certificate as this gave me the green lock on all pages NOWHERE DOES THIS INDICATE THAT IT CANNOT BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH AN ONLINE STORE!!!! (GROSS MISREPRESENTATION OF A PRODUCT AND IN FACT ILLEGAL! I

    United Kingdom

    Advertising in the UK is managed under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008[23] (CPR), effectively the successor to the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. It is designed to implement the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, part of a common set of European minimum standards for consumer protection and legally bind advertisers in England, Scotland, Wales and parts of Ireland.[22][23] These regulations focus on business to consumer interactions. These are modelled by a table used for assessing unfairness, evaluations being made against four tests expressed in the regulations that indicate deceptive advertising:

    • Contrary to the requirements of professional diligence
    • False or deceptive practice in relation to a specific list of key factors
    • Omission of material information (unclear or untimely information)
    • Aggressive practice by harassment, coercion or undue influence

    These factors of deceptive advertising are critically analysed as they may crucially impair a consumer's ability to make an informed decision, thereby limiting their freedom of choice.

    This system resembles American practice as reflected by the FTC in terms of disallowing false and deceptive messaging, prohibition of unfair and unethical commercial practices and omitting important information, but it differs in monitoring aggressive sales practices (regulation seven) which included high-pressure sales practices that go beyond persuasion. Harassment and coercion are not defined but rather interpreted as any undue physical and psychological pressure (in advertising).

    Even if proven cases of false advertising do not inevitably result in civil or criminal repercussions: the Office of Fair Trading states in the instance of false advertising, companies are not always faced with civil and criminal repercussions, it is based on the seriousness of the infringement and each case is analysed individually, allowing the standards authority to promote compliance with regards to their enforcement policies, priorities and available resources. Another area of departure from American practice relates to a general prohibition on the use of competitors' logotypes, trademarks or similar copy to that used in a competitor's own advertising by another, particularly when making a comparison.

    Under CPR legislation, there are different standards authorities for each country:

    I then bought another package from them optimising your business for SEO ....in the complete system check list it states  "It looks as though your store pages are not secure fix problem now"...which then takes you to GoDaddy SSL certificates AGAIN NOWHERE DOES THIS STATE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ONLINE STORE!!! ...when asked if they could remove my SSL or upgrade or add another one they constant reply is no!!!!! ....the server does not work that way .... i asked if this is something that product development team could look at on an individual basis to fix this issue for me  reply- "they probably coult but they probably wont!!!!!!!!!!!!!".   I am now tied to this Online shop!!! which is, A) losing me money from shipping costs and B). NOT SECURE TO MY CUSTOMERS!!!!! SURELY IT WOULD BE MORE IMPORTANT TO HAVE AN ONLINE STORE FULLY SECURE THAN JUST A WEB PAGE!!!!!!!! ..... TRULY DISGUSTED AT THIS SERVICE!!! THEY HAVE GROSSLY MISS REPRESENTED ME INTO PURCHASING A HOSTING FACILITY WITH THEM THAT IS UNCHANGEABLE NOR VALUABLE TO MY BUSINESS IN ANYWAY!! 


    Adding HTML code to Online store

    I am attempting to get my site verified for the Google Merchant Center. It tells me to download

    an h. t. m. l. address (changed to this since I cannot send this message).


    I did this. Then I'm to upload to my site "betterbody2.com". I don't know where to put this within the Online Store. Please help. Thanks!!!

    Re: Adding HTML code to Online store

    Google wants you to host the file in your root directory. Do you have access to a File Manager? If so, upload the file to the first directory you see when opening the File Manager.

    "Online Store Help" page modification

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same issue?

    I would like to modify the content of the 'Online Store Help' page that comes as standard when you purchase a 'Quick Shopping Cart'. The content needs to be edited to suit the nature of my store. As it stands it assumes that its generic content will suit all businesses.

    You can access all the other important pages such as 'Terms & Conditions', 'About Us' and 'Contact Us' to modify their content but no such luck with 'Store Help' page.

    By the way, the way you to trigger it is by adding it to the store navigation, using the 'Store Navigation' facility under 'Set Up' tool. Essentially, this is a complete waste of a very important page if it cannot be accessed for it to be suitably modified.

    I'd be very surprised if I am the only one to have come across this problem!

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Add a delivery note at checkout

    Can I add a delivery not at checkout for a GoDaddy Online Store?  I would like to have the customer specify addition details that are not included in the standard checkout name / address information.

    Re: Customizing A Store


    Re: Customizing A Store

    how can I add a javascript widget for retargeting? I tried store design\theme\home page\welcome block\code view. but is doesn't save. Which is strange because that's how I added Constant Contact code snippet


    Re: Customizing A Store


    I've created a store and I want to change the default "sort by" from most popular to Newest as the new default. Is this possible?