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    Website Photo Galleries

    Hello All,

    First time poster, I need some help!

    I'm currently building my website, its for a miniature figurine painting service, so a good photo gallery is essential to showcase my stuff.

    I want to have a Gallery page, but have it sub-divided on that page, ie, you click on a picture, it them opens up a gallery related to that picture. Example, the gallery page has 6 pictures on it, fro 'Ancients' 'World War II' 'Sci-Fi' etc, you click on the 'Ancients' picture, and it them opens up a gallery of 'Ancient' pictures?

    Does that make sense? is it staring me in the face? lols!

    Thanks for any help


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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Website Photo Galleries



    I don't think you can do that on a website builder!, but WordPress can help you with that...

    The website builder is obviously great!, but it has many limitations...

    Creating a WordPress site!, and extending it with plugins will provide a positive result..

    Well if you're very particular about website builder!, you can try this;

    ----->Create individual pages for individual albums

    ----->The menu can say Gallery!, and sub-menus for albums

    ----->Search for an appropriate theme


    Thank you




    Praveen Thomas

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