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    is there a way to change the date of the blog post?


    I am using a Blog feature and wondering, is there a way to change the date of the blog post? 

    Or schedule a post on a specific day?




    Hi, we do currently have the option to change the date on your blog posts. If you edit any published blog post, you will see an option on the right sidebar to change the date. Or, if the post has not been published yet, you can set the publish date in the same place. If you set it in the past, it will publish immediate with the date you selected showing on your site. If you set it in the future, it will publish whenever you selected.


    I hope this helps.



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    Unfortunately, neither of those options are available.  If you were to use WordPress for your Blog, and link to it from your site, you would have the ability to do both and more. 


    HTH! 😉


    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

    Thanks so much for the reply.


    That is a shame really. As GoDaddy added blog option to the site, this is one of the reasons I wanted to try them.

    Is there any chance to know if they will develop this sometime soon?


    Thanks again!



    Your guess is as good as mine. 😉   You can keep track on feature announcements here.


    If you don't want to wait, you can switch to WordPress includes this and much more by default.


    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

    I am not sure how easy is to set up WordPress but I'll check it out, thanks 🙂


    And thanks for the link for the feature announcements!

    Helper V

    I need this too!

    I would like to remove the date from my blog post. Can someone from GoDaddy comment on when this might happen or give a workaround?


    If i create in Wordpress, is it easy enough to link to GoDaddy's web site? I have never done it before. Thank you!



    GoCentral does not show dates on blog posts at this time....


    Are you asking about WordPress?  (In the future start a new thread and post in the appropriate forum -- this way folks can find your post when looked for and that may help them too. ;))


    In WordPress some themes have features to remove the date -- which is on by default in the WordPress core.   If the theme you are using does not offer that, the good news is there are several plugins to choose from to accomplish this task for you.


    WordPress is uber easy to link from a page or post to your GoDaddy website.  In the editor toolbar just click on "link" fill in the blanks then click Add Link and you are good to go!


    HTH! 😉


    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

    I just started my GoCentral website today, and YES the blogs do show dates, and so far you cannot backdate or change the blog date.


    Yes, I would like to either be able to change the blog date or not have it show at all.



    Hi all,


    Thanks for the questions about the "post date" on the GoCentral Blog.


    Being able to customize / remove the date from the blog post is definitely on our list of functionality to build.  We have a few things we're working on currently so it won't be right away, but it's definitely on the list. 




    Sr. PM, GoCentral Blog

    I've only been on my new GoCentral site for a week - how do we get updated on new features etc?



    Bookmark this page😉



    "I never lose. Either I win or I learn." ~ Me

    I have a WordPress site for another blog and decided to host my new domain name with GoDaddy because it seemed like the templates are easier to use. They are. But not being able to change the post date, or schedule posts for future dates, is a deal breaker for me. Too bad because I really liked the template I was using.

    : (

    Yes, I agree with having this functionality as well. Until it can be changed, I will have to update the normal way. Thank you!

    This feature needs to be created ASAP please.  I have just recreated my entire blog from a different site and it is not in the correct order.  

    Totally agree

    @underwearboss - this is the next item on our list to tackle.  It's still a few weeks away, but being able to set a custom publish date, either in the past or schedule for the future, is on it's way!



    Sr. PM, GoCentral Blog

    Hi Christie,


    I stumbled upon your reply when looking for info about custom publish dates for the blog.  It's been a little over a month since your post about the custom dates being "a few weeks away".  Do you have a release date on them yet?  I'd love to repost my current blog postings into my GoCentral website instead of linking my wordpress site and having two separate systems.  Also, will a word counter be something that you see coming in the future?



    Right!!  The standard answer is that it's on it's way!!  I was so excited about building the new website in GoCentral and wrote a blog about how great it was!  But now after digging in to move everything over.  Nothing is what it should be for a Blog.  

    1.  No way for people to comment on your blog posts.

    2.  You can't add more than 1 image to a blog.

    3. You can't remove or change the date.

    4. You can't take a post down after publishing it unless you totally delete it from your blog.

    5. The blog titles and dates don't show up correctly on cell phones.

    6. No word counter.


    I'm sure the list goes on.  You might want to keep your wordpress site.



    Thanks for the message. To address your questions...


    1. Commenting is on it's way, but we don't have a date. It's been delayed by unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. 

    2. You're welcome to add as many images as you'd like to your blog.  Just click the green insert icon on the left side of your editing screen and choose image.  FYI, adding video as well as images is next up on our development schedule.

    3. We are currently working on functionality to set a custom date on your blog posts.  Either a date in the past (if you're moving from another platform you can preserve the initial publish date) or a date in the future to schedule it for publishing.  This would should be done in the next 2-3 weeks providing all goes well.

    4. Being able to 'unpublish' a post is on our list, though to be honest, we haven't had many requests for this functionality so it hasn't been prioritized / scheduled yet.

    5. There was an issue recently with blog post titles not wrapping correctly but we've resolved it. Please let me know if you're still having this problem. Would be great to reply with a link to a post where it's happening so we can take a look.

    6. This is the first request we've had for this. To make sure I understand the request, you'd like something in your blog post editor that tells you how many words you've included in the post, is that correct? We'll add this to list and prioritize / schedule it based on customer feedback / requests.


    Thanks again,



    GoCentral PM



    We're currently working on creating this functionality for the blog.  I don't have an exact launch date for you but wanted you to know that this is no longer "on the list" but is actively being worked on right now.


    Thanks for your continued patience.



    GoCentral PM