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Achieve expert status with a custom gaming website.

Gaming Website
Achieve expert status with a custom gaming website.

Power-up your gaming website.

There are hundreds of different niches in the gaming world. Whatever yours is, express when you create a gaming website.

To ensure your site stands out from the crowd, there are a few things you need to consider. First, what is the purpose of your site? It could be something like:

  • Writing articles discussing all things video games
  • Creating game video walkthroughs or demos
  • Debating the best gaming hardware
  • Reviewing new video games
  • Sharing the latest news

Whatever the why is behind your site, be sure to take some time to think about its purpose. Having a clear understanding of your site’s purpose will help you create an organized site. With your site purpose clear, you’re ready to start creating your game website.

Once you’ve figured out your purpose, you need to pick a name. The name of your site should be catchy and unique. If you need some inspiration, do a few Google searches and see what’s ranking and getting views. Getting a better understanding of what's already out there will help you pick something original.

What’s new in video games?

People are always talking about what’s new in the video game world. What better place to talk about the latest game than on your gaming website? Create a space on your site dedicated to discussing everything that’s new. Consider posting video previews of new video games or sequels. Doing so will get people coming back to your site for further updates.

Show noobs how it’s done.

For first-time game players, things can get overwhelming. They may get stuck on a level for hours or unable to defeat a boss. Give gamers the help they need by posting video walkthroughs, tutorials or demos of popular games. Whether you make them or link to YouTube videos, visitors will love getting a helping hand as they attempt to beat a game.

You should also consider posting game cheats. If you know combinations or passwords that will increase a character’s health or ammunition, tell visitors about it. They’ll love seeing how they can get even more out of a game. Plus, it'll keep them coming back for more help.

Discuss must-have games.

No one likes wasting their time on a game that’s boring or too difficult. Help visitors discover the best games by discussing or reviewing them on your website. Create a space on your site solely for talking about the best video games and equipment. Consider including details to support why one game is better than another. Maybe one game has incredible graphics, or another has an astonishing story. Whatever it is that makes a game the best, post it on your site.

It’s all about the equipment.

There’s an endless number of gaming consoles and accessories. Help visitors find the best ones by discussing different equipment on your website. Let gamers know about the newest release of a gaming console or a controller that's perfect for killing zombies.

If you’re selling gaming equipment, post it on your site. Be sure to include as many details as possible about what you’re selling. Doing so will help build your site’s credibility and help gamers feel more comfortable making a purchase.


Share what others are saying.

Let your visitors know what fellow gamers are saying about system equipment. Hearing what other players have to say about a particular game or console will help people determine if a game or accessory is worth it. Including details about how good a game looks with a particular graphics card are or how smooth the gameplay is on various processors are specifics that will help visitors make a more informed decision.

Create an online gaming community.

What better place for video game fans to get together than on your gaming website? Create a space on your site where players can network. Visitors will love having a place where they can connect with other gamers or join a massive multiplayer online league or game channel.

Share the latest gaming news.

Keep gamers up-to-date with articles discussing new game releases, events, industry updates and more. You could even post opinion pieces from fellow-gamers sharing their thoughts on games, consoles and events. Now, whenever people come to your site, they’ll get the latest news.

Talk with the video game experts and influencers.

Get your visitors in touch with gaming experts by posting interviews with professional players on your website. Whether you conduct and write the interviews yourself (or link to some) include them on your site. Gamers will love getting more details about a new release or what developers have in store.

Connect offline.

People are bound to want to get in touch with you to ask questions or compliment you on your site. Consider including your contact information somewhere on your site. Posting your primary phone number and email address allows gamers to get in touch with you in minutes.

Go beyond the traditional forms of contact and include your social media information as well. This allows you to grow your online presence and keep your followers up-to-date.

Get bonus information.

Give your visitors a way to stay updated on everything happening on your site by including a subscribe button on your site. Allowing visitors to opt into email updates enables them to keep up-to-date on everything going on your site. Whenever you post a new interview or customer review your followers will know about it, which is something they’ll appreciate.

You’ve launched your site: now what?

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