2016 Republican Candidate Digital Rankings [Infographic]

Who gets this domain?

A basic domain name misstep of “presidential proportions” gave Donald Trump the chance to take over JebBush.com. Whoops! In the infographic below, “2016 Republican Candidate Digital Rankings,” GoDaddy analyzes GOP candidates’ online scores and suggests ways you can assure you are the Master of your Domain.

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Here are five things that cover the basics.

TARGET THE RIGHT NAMES. You don’t need to register every domain name, but registering the right ones reduces risk and increases visibility.

BUY THE OBVIOUS DOMAINS. You need to protect your brand. Think about the top ten names you don’t want others to register or control, and register those.

REGISTER NAMES IN ADVANCE. Registering your names well in advance of launching a venture prevents surprises later.

FORWARD DOMAINS TO INCREASE THEIR IMPACT. You can always forward related domains to your primary site or related social media pages.

BE PROACTIVE. In addition to extensions like .com and .org, you can also register industry specific domains like .design and .company.

2016 Republican Candidate Digital Rankings Infographic