3 pro tips for Valentine’s Day email marketing

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Valentine’s Day is a huge deal for retailers. In 2013, Valentine’s Day is estimated to contribute around $18.6 billion to the economy, $1 billion dollars more than last year, according to the National Retail Federation. If you have a retail business, be it a restaurant, a book store, a florist, or even an Etsy shop…you can’t afford to overlook Valentine’s Day. So why not come up with some sweet Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas?

It’s not too late to send a lovely email newsletter to your customers and subscribers on, or before, February 14. If you’re not entirely sure what to say, read on!

1. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers

So you think no one’s interested in your Valentine’s Day email marketing because they’re all busy being lovey dovey with their significant others? Well, don’t forget the singles! Valentine’s Day is also a day where single folks treat themselves, celebrate with friends (60% of Valentine’s Day shoppers buy something for family members) or do some retail therapy. Not only will you be making sales to singles, you’ll be building loyalty by being inclusive!

Pro tip: Tailor a newsletter to those single folks and you’ll be showing you care!

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2. Survey your readers

Think you don’t need to do anything? Well, you’re in a relationship with your customers and it’s the right time of the year to acknowledge it. A Valentine’s Day email marketing special or simply a message to show your appreciation for your readers and customers will be a nice gesture. It’s the email equivalent of red roses and bubble bath.

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Pro tip: Strong relationships are built on listening so think of a survey or simply ask your readers what’s on their mind. The more you know about your readers, the more they’ll love you!

3. Keep an inspiration file

Ever marvel at those romantic gestures that seem to make knees weak and tough men misty eyed? Well, they may look spontaneous but it takes a lot of planning to pull off. That means if you want to surprise your readers with something special, you’ll need to think ahead, take note of what others are doing and look for some inspiration.

So while this might not help you for February 14 this year, start paying attention to the Valentine’s Day email marketing magic around you now and you’ll be able to appear super romantic next year. You’ll make it look effortless!

Pro tip: If you got an email this time last year or over the year-end holidays that really stood out to you, save it, Pin it, or Evernote it – whatever your system is – in an inspiration file that you can draw from to get you pumped to create your own genius offer this time around.

Valentine’s Day email marketing to spread the love

I want to take this moment to say, from myself and the entire GoDaddy team…

We love you!


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