Add Trust Badges or Seals to Checkout

Improve checkout conversions with trust badges

There are tons of strategies that can help you improve your checkout page, but including trust badges or seals within the checkout process is an easy change to A/B test, and that typically yields conversion increases for most sites. It’s one of the methods we usually recommend for building trust in your site.

You should keep in mind that these badges are here to build trust and confidence in your checkout, so if you’ve never modified your site, you may want to enlist the help of a developer to add these to your site. If your trust badges look cheesy or like they don’t belong in the checkout, their inclusion may have an adverse effect on conversions.

Why Use Trust Seals or Badges

Trust badges increase buyer confidence, just like seeing the green lock from SSL certificates does: customers are more likely to trust your checkout process and purchase from your site. For example, here’s an ad hoc study from Actual Insights that shows customers look first for the https / “green lock” indicator, then for trust badges.

As a result, including trust badges can improve your conversion rate. For example, this DistroKid case study shows that trust badges were one of the modifications made to checkout that yielded a 60% increase in conversions.

What is a Trust Seal

You’ll typically get trust seals or badges from your SSL certificate provider, payment processor, or hosting company. You can also include Better Business Bureau seals or any other credentials that you have permission to use.

Typically these services will give you either an image file (unlikely) or javascript snippet (more likely) you can use to include the trust seal on your site, which may look something like this:

<span id="siteseal"><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></span>

If you’re not sure where to add this, it can be challenging to leverage this seal to your advantage, so let’s take a look at how to add trust badges and seals to your checkout process.

How to Add Trust Badges to Any Site

If you want the quick and easy way to add trust seals to your site, you can use a footer widget to display the trust badges in your site’s footer. Copy the snippet that inserts your site seal, and then paste this into a new text widget in your footer:

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