Designers take note: What you can learn from the best interior design blogs

Set the scene for business growth

Interior designers who want to find new customers know that right now, the internet is the best place to reach an interested audience. If you’re just starting out as a blogger or designer, taking a look at some of the best interior design blogs can give you ideas about the best ways to present your work in a digital format.

Why you need to blog

To reach today’s plugged-in design consumers, a high-quality blog is no longer optional — it’s a necessity. Most people read reviews, forum advice and blog posts before making a decision about who to hire for their project. Blogging about your portfolio gives you the best opportunity to interact and connect with them.

Most people look for local services like interior design online. Are you there?


You may choose to spend a few minutes each day working on your blog and building an online following, but in today’s world, some form of internet presence is required in order to thrive. Here are just a few reasons why blogging can be good for your business.

Establish or grow your reputation

If you look below the surface, many of the best interior design blogs are used to establish the blogger’s brand and get their name out into the marketplace. Because interior design is such a highly visual business, posting pictures of your work is the best way to show what you have to offer clients. Text descriptions give you the opportunity to explain some of the smaller details that set your work apart from other designers.

Show the world what you can do

Some of the best interior design blogs use before-and-after photos to take customers step-by-step through the design process. This strategy helps you attract like-minded potential clients. You should also share any local awards you’ve received, along with customer testimonials to build your online resume.

Reach new clients

You can also post pictures from your blog to social networks such as the highly visual Instagram or your professional Facebook page.

By posting across a variety of networks, you can drive traffic to your home page and encourage repeat visits.

Think of your blog as your anchor, and aim to have your social networks pointing back to your website when customers want to find out more about you or your work.

Best Interior Design Blogs Houzz

Common features of the best interior design blogs

Before setting up your own blog, take a look at top interior design websites like Houzz and HGTV. Read recent posts to discover what consumers are interested in hearing about from the design community. Before you tackle your own blog, you should also study award-winning blogs by individual designers like you. Make a note of what attracted you to their websites.

Often, designers capitalize on a niche in the market and cater their blog to one or two specialized aspects, such as kitchen design or Feng Shui environments. Here are some of the common features you might notice in the best interior design blogs.

Best Interior Design Blogs Jungalow

A unique theme

The best interior design blogs carry a distinctive style that sets them apart from the rest of the DIY and design crowd. The Jungalow has been named a top design blog by Domino Magazine, My Domaine and Country Living for its colorful style and unique personality. Think of the aspects of your design style that set you apart and find ways to highlight them in your blog.

Professional photos and text

High-quality photos, combined with personable writing, are a hallmark of the best interior design blogs. The ability to “talk” to your potential customers in a conversational tone will help them connect with you and your blog. In addition to your design ideas, consider adding an “About me” page with information about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing. This will give your followers a better understanding of who you are and how you can help them.

Best Interior Design Blogs City Farmhouse

Quality information and design tips

In addition to a beautiful presentation, the best interior design blogs also offer useful information to design-conscious readers. The award-winning blog, City Farmhouse, has a DIY Project Gallery section with instructions on everything from seasonal table settings to making a mirror out of driftwood.

Relationships are built with your blog followers over the long term.


Many will look to you as an expert in your design niche. Gaining acceptance and trust allows you to build a client base and keep them coming back to your blog for design tips.

How to make your blog work for you

If you want your interior design blog to pay off, the first step is to choose a blog builder and register a unique domain name, or internet address. (Read “How to choose meaningful, memorable blog names and related domains” for tips.)

Follow these best practices as you build your blog.

Best Interior Design Blogs Little Green Notebook

Start simple

A blog doesn’t need to be complicated; in fact, a simple approach makes it easier for readers to follow. The overall look of the blog should be clean. You could stick with a white background and a simple font, similar to Little Green Notebook, a blog by interior designer Jenny Komenda. Always remember to make your work the focal point. As you begin to feel more comfortable making changes to your blog, you can gradually add more features.

Give your blog flair with a .design web address.


Stick to a schedule

Life as a designer is busy, but don’t forget about your blog. To keep readers coming back, schedule your blog posts and commit to posting them on time. Take pictures of every project you work on. Even if you have no plans to post the photos immediately, you might want to incorporate them into a future post.

Be visually interesting

Invest the time and effort into taking high-quality photos. This might mean allocating part of your company budget to purchasing a good camera and learning how to use photo-editing software. Once you have the photos, make the most of them. You can print copies for an off-line portfolio or cross-post the digital copies to your social media accounts.

Make an effort to connect with readers

Don’t forget to connect with your blog readers. Consider setting up a Q&A section or starting an email newsletter to keep your followers up to date on your work. Make sure to put contact information in a visible place on your blog to make it as easy as possible for readers to get in touch with you. Be friendly and encourage feedback. Aim for something casual like the “Let’s Talk” section of Yellow Brick Home, the editor’s pick of Better Homes and Garden’s top design / DIY blogs. And when readers do send a message, make sure to reply quickly.

Best Interior Design Blogs Yellow Brick Home


Respond as quickly as possible when a reader reaches out to you.


Above all, your passion for interior design should shine through on your blog. You love to create beautiful living spaces and the place you “live” on the internet should reflect your personal style and commitment to professionalism.

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Jennifer DiGiovanni
Jennifer DiGiovanni is a freelance writer and a partner in a real estate investment firm. She previously earned an MBA and worked in the financial services industry. Currently, Jennifer blogs for a variety of national real estate, home improvement, home design, and small business brands. When she’s not writing, she also enjoys traveling with her family, hiking, and serving as a board member for a local charity focused on helping families cope with cancer. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.