Every artist needs an online art gallery. Here’s why.

Extend your reach with a digital portfolio

Artists create through mediums like paint, photography and clay. But there’s another creation they must bring to life if they want to succeed — an online art gallery. Not convinced? Here are 12 reasons why every artist needs an digital portfolio to get noticed in the competitive world of art sales.

12 reasons you need an online art gallery

  1. Look professional.

  2. Improve search visibility.

  3. Introduce your brand (and you).

  4. Give the press something to read.

  5. Solidify gallery interest.

  6. Follow up for in-person buyers.

  7. Open up global sales.

  8. No commission fees.

  9. Because social media can’t do everything.

  10. Online profiles aren’t enough.

  11. Close the sale online.

  12. Build your own community.

Read on to see what you’re missing out on.

1. Look professional

First off, an online art gallery creates the perception that you’re not a hobbyist or amateur. A branded website shows that you’re a serious artist who’s spent the time and resources to promote your art in a professional way.

2. Improve search visibility

A digital portfolio that includes plenty of descriptive content about you tells search engines who you are. Once search engines have indexed your website, they’ll match you with art lovers looking for your type of work. This makes it easier for collectors to find you online.

Online Art Gallery Plein Air
Photo: Go-tea 郭天 Flickr via Compfight cc

3. Introduce your brand (and you)

When you create an online portfolio and website, you can display your work and introduce yourself and your brand. Include information about how you got started and what inspires you to help site visitors to get to know you and your work.

4. Give the press something to read

Before media outlets and bloggers write a story about an artist, they search for information about them on the web. Make it easy on them! With an online art gallery, you provide the resources the press and others need to write about you.

5. Solidify gallery interest

Just as the press can use your website to learn more about you, agents and gallery owners can also get to know you better through your online gallery. A website gives you ample room to show work, list awards and make your case for why you’re worth representing.

6. Follow up for in-person buyers

When you’re featured at an art show or gallery opening, you connect in-person with potential buyers. Those who’re interested but not ready or able to make a purchase on the spot will look for you online when they’re ready to buy.

7. Open up global sales

An online art gallery does more than show off your work. You can use it to create an online store and sell your pieces directly. This expands your sales opportunities since it connects you with customers across the world.

8. No commission fees

One perk of selling your art directly through your website is that you don’t have to pay the commission fees that are associated with selling in a gallery. You own, operate and run your online art store so you keep all of the funds.

View our free step-by-step guide to selling your art online.

9. Because social media can’t do everything

Social media is a good tool for reaching out to fans, finding new audiences and sharing your work. But you need to buy your own domain name if you want to take full control of your online identity and build lasting authority in the art world.

10. Online profiles aren’t enough

Like social media profiles, pages on art community directories aren’t enough to market yourself as a professional artist. While art communities are a great place for building connections and community, you still need a website that you own and manage.

11. Close the sale online

Social media and online art community profiles are useful in making connections who you then direct to your website. This is where collectors can see all your work, read press clips, join your community and buy your art.

12. Build your own community

Why not create your own community? Collect contact information from site visitors and create an email marketing plan that helps you stay in regular touch with them. With an email list, you can let them know when you have a show to promote, new art for sale or collaborations to announce.

Ready to open your online art gallery?

Ask any successful artist — an online gallery is a key part of a professional art career. Artists simply can’t afford to not have a branded portfolio website. Yet, many don’t launch their site because they allow fears about website development to hold them back.

So as you begin the process of building your online art gallery, remember these things:

  • You don’t need to know how to code to build your website. Website and eCommerce platforms are designed so that even novices can create professional-looking portfolio sites.
  • It’s not expensive to have a website. While website development and hosting rates vary, you can keep a basic website up and running for under $100/year.
  • Your work deserves to be showcased. Even if you’re just starting out, launch your online gallery now. It’s never too early to begin to promote your work.

So, stop procrastinating or talking yourself out of building a website for your art. Give your career the boost it needs. Create a professional art gallery that shows off your work, generates sales and helps you get the notoriety you deserve.

Image by: VisualHunt