Just clowning around: Celebrate International Clown Week with a wacky website

Grab your red nose

In celebration of International Clown Week, we’re doing more than just clowning around — we’re looking into the importance of building and maintaining a website for your clown business. Take your magic tricks, animal balloons and silly acts to the internet with a site that speaks for itself. As a clown, you know how important it is to truly connect with your audience. Your entire business is predicated on your ability to interact with your customers. And in a world where everyone goes online first for information, it’s vital that you take center stage from the get-go.

Just clowning around — A website of your own

Just Clowning Around GoCentralIf you’re wheelhouse is practical jokes and laughter, creating a website might seem a tad daunting. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just clowning around — apply your humor to a website with GoDaddy GoCentral, and you’ll have a fun house full of visitors in time for International Clown Week.

Online in under an hour

Building with GoCentral is fast, which means you’ll be up and running in no time so you can get back to entertaining the masses. All you need to do is secure a domain name, sign up for your free trial with GoCentral, and get started.

Themes just for you

Once you launch GoCentral, you’ll be prompted to enter your business information, and we’ll present you with design ideas, images and colors we think will work well for your business. Try searching for “clowns,” “events” or “family” and see what options work for you.

Pro tip: The relevant images and features are just suggestions — feel free to swap out pictures with stock photos or your own clowning adventures.

Swipe-to-style editing

You’ve got your hands full — with balloons, face paints, red noses — so the last thing you need is a website that’s hard to manage. Fortunately, GoCentral makes it easy. You can change the layout with no more than a simple swipe. Add content, sections, headers, pictures — try out a few different variations and go with the one that speaks to you.

Build with kids in mind

Just Clowning Around Kid

Now that you’ve got the platform, it’s time to design your site. While GoCentral makes building a site easy, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

Colors and themes

Pick a color and template that suits your audience. Yes, adults will be the ones browsing the web to hire a clown for their kid’s birthday — but that doesn’t mean they won’t be looking with their child in mind. Bright colors, wacky fonts, fun graphics — anything that speaks to your ability to relate to kids.

Images and content

Are you a skilled are creating balloon animals? Have a knack for face painting? Show us! Bring an assistant to one of your gigs (assuming you have permission, of course) and have them take photos of you in the act. Then, upload them to your website to show potential customers all that you can do.

Engaging content and beautiful images go hand-in-hand.


Your website is your first impression, and if you want visitors to jump to your contact page and fire off an inquiry for hire, then you’ll need to reel them in with your story. This is your chance to shine. How did you get started? What makes you different from other clowns? Are you known for anything in particular (i.e., award-winning magic tricks)?

Pro tip: Need help creating content for your website? Check out our content creation worksheet for a step-by-step guide to putting together the content for your website.


A standard, five-page web design should include a space for testimonials — and as someone whose business thrives on making others happy, you’ll definitely want to include any and all positive reviews you can.

“88 percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” ~ BrightLocal

Not sure how to collect reviews? There are plenty of ways to encourage customers to leave reviews, including offering a discount for future services when someone does leave a testimonial.

Websites for clowns

International Clown Week Facebook
Connect with other clowns through Facebook by checking out the World Clown Association.

Want to connect with more entertainers in the business? Need some inspiration for a site of your own? Check out some of these websites:

World Clown Association. Connect with other clowns and become a member of the WCA to bring laughter and smiles to all.

Clowns of America, International. Resources for serious-minded entertainers, COAI is the place to go for amateurs and professionals alike.

Just for Clowns. Created by a fellow clown, this blog focuses on providing professional clowns with resources and information.

GigMasters. While it’s not a clown-specific site, consider creating a profile here in addition to your own website.

Clown Dating. Move beyond the makeup and connect with other clowns who understand your lifestyle outside the gigs.

Celebrate International Clown Week in style

If you’re used to just clowning around in person, it’s time for you to take your humor to the internet with a fun-filled clown website. Ready to get started? Try GoDaddy GoCentral for free today.

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