How to manage multiple WordPress sites

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS. Roughly 500 sites are created daily, and 24 posts are published every second worldwide.

With a wide customer base, WordPress has many users who don’t have coding or design skills. This knowledge gap has created a market for WordPress maintenance services.

If you’re a web developer or designer, managing multiple WordPress sites can be a great business—assuming your management tools are consolidated.

If they aren’t, WordPress management isn’t so rewarding. Logging into 10 different admin panels to manage 10+ different WordPress sites is cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention less lucrative.

If you can’t efficiently manage multiple sites, your workflow slows down and your revenue drops.

GoDaddy Pro Sites simplifies the management of multiple websites. It provides a single dashboard to control all of the sites you manage, relieving you of the need to log in separately for each one.

Beyond GoDaddy Pro Sites, there are a number of considerations for designers and developers who manage many WordPress sites. From security to automation, we’ve created resources on everything you need to know about running a fast-moving, successful WordPress maintenance business.

The core tools of managing multiple WordPress sites

You can manage multiple sites through WordPress alone, but you’ll save time and work more efficiently if you use outside tools. This section will break down the essential WordPress tools—ones that allow you to manage multiple sites with a single login, update plugins, conduct backups, and more.

9 tools for managing multiple WordPress sites

From ManageWP to GoDaddy Pro to InfiniteWP, here is a list of the most efficient platforms for managing multiple WordPress sites. These management tools provide developers and designers with key benefits, such as uptime monitoring, one-click updates, single login credentials, and more.

Managing plugins across multiple WordPress sites

Any issues with downloading or updating plugins can lower site security and create a poor web experience for visitors. As a site manager, you have to be able to seamlessly control your clients’ plugins for optimal site performance. This section will cover how to successfully manage and update plugins across multiple WordPress sites.

How to update and manage multiple WordPress sites’ plugins

If you’re managing multiple WordPress sites, you’re going to be dealing with quite a few plugins. Learn how to download and update these plugins seamlessly and securely to improve the performance of your clients’ WordPress sites.

Managing security across multiple WordPress sites

As a developer or designer, you’re responsible for protecting your clients’ WordPress sites from hackers. Security, though, can be difficult to manage with multiple WordPress sites — you have to securely log in from account to account while also maintaining a large number of security tools between clients. Learn how to protect the multiple WordPress sites you manage with this section on handling backups, logins, and security plugins.

How to back up multiple WordPress sites

As a developer or designer, losing a customer’s site content is probably your worst nightmare. Avoid doomsday by safely storing your WordPress sites’ databases—including posts, plugins, and more—through backup software and web-hosting platforms.

How to manage secure logins for multiple WordPress sites

Keep your clients’ logins safe by using security tools that create strong passwords, track malicious login attempts, and more.

Roundup of the top WordPress security plugins

WordPress security plugins are simple to install and maintain, yet so valuable in protecting your clients’ sites from hacking. Here is a list of the best security plugins you should install for your clients’ WordPress sites.

Insights on managing multiple WordPress sites

Running a WordPress management business means constantly learning. There are a growing number of tools to help web designers and developers build WordPress sites more easily and efficiently. In this section, we’ll cover the best resources, as well as advice from fellow designers and developers, to manage and build the code for your clients’ sites.

90 essential tools for WordPress web designers & developers

From Notepad++ to Duo, here are 90 essential tools that we recommend for web designers and developers building WordPress sites.

WordPress scripts & dev tools that save you time

Consolidate and simplify your tasks with these handy WordPress scripts and dev tools.

How to run a WordPress management business

Coding and design aren’t the only necessary skills to manage WordPress websites — you also need to be well versed in running a business. In this section, we’ll cover the key business skills — choosing your clients, pricing your work, researching your competition — needed to run your own WordPress management business.

How much should I charge for WordPress site management?

Great WordPress management pricing requires prework. You have to understand your expenses, competition, and more to set the best pricing rates—ones that are attractive to buyers yet still profitable.

How to start a WordPress maintenance business

This guide explains the basics of launching a WordPress management business: how to pick your services, set your pricing, and promote your offerings.

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