How to manage multiple WordPress sites

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS. Roughly 500 sites are created daily, and 24 posts are published every second worldwide.

Many WordPress users don’t have coding or design skills. This knowledge gap has created a market for WordPress management services.

If you’re a web developer or designer, managing multiple WordPress sites can be a great business—assuming your management tools are consolidated.

If they aren’t, WordPress management isn’t so rewarding. Logging into 10 different admin panels to manage 10+ different WordPress sites is cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention less lucrative.

If you can’t efficiently manage multiple sites, your workflow slows down and your revenue drops.

GoDaddy Pro Sites simplifies the management of multiple websites. It provides a single dashboard to control all of the sites you manage, relieving you of the need to log in separately for each one.

Beyond GoDaddy Pro Sites, there are a number of considerations for designers and developers who manage many WordPress sites.

From security to automation, we’ve created resources on everything you need to know about running a fast-moving, successful WordPress management business.

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