How to manage multiple WordPress sites

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS. Roughly 500 sites are created daily, and 24 posts are published every second worldwide.

Many WordPress users don’t have coding or design skills. This knowledge gap has created a market for WordPress management services.

If you’re a web developer or designer, managing multiple WordPress sites can be a great business—assuming your management tools are consolidated.

If they aren’t, WordPress management isn’t so rewarding. Logging into 10 different admin panels to manage 10+ different WordPress sites is cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention less lucrative.

If you can’t efficiently manage multiple sites, your workflow slows down and your revenue drops.

GoDaddy Pro enables you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one location. It provides a single dashboard to control all of the sites you manage, relieving you of the need to log in separately for each one.

Beyond GoDaddy Pro, there are a number of considerations for designers and developers who manage many WordPress sites.

From security to automation, we’ve created resources on everything you need to know about running a fast-moving, successful WordPress management business.

Reasons to Manage WordPress Sites from One Location

As a web designer, it’s rare that you’ll only have one or two clients at any given time. Instead, it’s far more likely that you’ll have dozens of clients clamouring for help with their websites. That large client load means more money in your pocket, but it also means you’ll be in charge of multiple websites at the same time.

That means you’re going to have several sites to update and make changes to at once, multiple times each week.

Updating one site at a time will eat into the rest of your day and keep you from being as productive as your clients need you to be. By managing multiple WordPress sites from a single location, you’ll be able to:

  • Update WordPress software versions across all clients
  • Run plugin and theme updates at scale
  • Back up websites automatically
  • Control comments and spam efficiently

That’s right – you’ll be able to update all of your clients’ sites without having to juggle multiple logins or wasting time keeping track of what needs updating and what you’ve already taken care of. You’ll access everything right from a main hub dashboard and can check on websites’ progress and status as needed. 

This more streamlined process translates to faster updates for clients and a better capacity to grow your business without putting more on your plate than you can handle. 

GoDaddy Pro Features to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

The goal of GoDaddy Pro is to make managing your clients’ WordPress sites easier. The Hub does this with the help of several key tools and features designed to simplify your business and streamline the process of keeping track of different sites.  

All you need to remember is your login information for the Hub. Once you’re in the Hub, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly and to make managing multiple WordPress sites from one location easier than ever before.  

As you bring on clients, you’ll be able to update information on the fly and even request permission to access and manage their websites right from the Hub. 

WordPress management tools

Having the right tools to manage WordPress sites and automate routine maintenance tasks can be a major time-saver. These tools include:

  • Daily WordPress backups can be scheduled, giving you the ability to restore with just a simple click if something goes wrong, or to download backups.
  • Evaluating site performance, such as page speed and page load times, help to ensure your clients’ sites provide an optimal user experience.
  • Bulk updates allow you to update all plugins, themes, and WordPress versions for all sites at once. 
  • Keep track of renewals directly from the Hub to ensure continuous service and uptime. 

WordPress Security

Keeping your clients’ websites safe and secure is crucial to your job and their success. The Hub offers:

  • Routine security scans powered by Sucuri. If the scan detects any issues with a website, you’ll be notified. 
  • Dedicated 24/7 support from our team of knowledgeable experts. Have a problem with a site? Submit a support ticket directly from the Hub to help you to resolve any issues. 

WordPress Design & Development

Staying ahead of the curve and making sure a website has a sleek, branded look and seamless user experience is all part of the design and development process. The Hub makes it easy with features like:

  • Collaborative project management tools. Create to-do lists, project templates, and share project timelines with clients directly from the Hub to give them insight into the process. 
  • Shared shopping cart. As a designer or a developer, you’re tasked with keeping your clients’ site up-to-date and on-brand. The shared shopping cart feature allows you to give your client access to see which GoDaddy Pro products you’re purchasing on their behalf to improve their site. 
  • Flexible purchasing options. Before purchasing any WordPress products via their GoDaddy account, you can get your clients’ approval through the Hub, making sure there is no miscommunication. 

WordPress Business Topics

Keep up-to-date with the newest advancements in WordPress and reap even more of the benefits of  working with GoDaddy Pro:

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  • Join our community. Knowledge is power! While you’ll always have access to GoDaddy Pro experts that can help you troubleshoot any issues with your clients’ sites, the GoDaddy Pro community connects you with other developers and designers, giving you the opportunity to share your expertise and learn from others. 
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