Bits and Bytes — Your weekly roundup for September 15

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Stacey Hartman

Happy Friday, everyone. Welcome to our weekly roundup for GoDaddy Resources, here to give you a bird’s eye view of what’s been happening around the blog. We've been hard at work feathering GoDaddy Resources with fresh, innovative additions, empowering you to rule the small business roost. Ready to soar? Let’s talk turkey and jump right in.

GoDaddy Resources

This week on GoDaddy Resources, we’ve updated our AI prompt library and added three additional pages of prompts. We’ll be continuing to grow our prompt library, so keep an eye out for further additions coming soon.

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Thoughts of the week

I’m in my grandma era over here and I’m fully embracing the lifestyle. Between crocheting cozy blankets, baking cookies and my love of tropical decor, there’s another grandma era topic that you’ll never get me to stop talking about once I start.

And that’s birds. 

I’ve had bird feeders up for years and watching their antics while I have my morning coffee is my favorite way to start the morning. My cats think it’s pretty great, too.

As someone who’s worked in the tech industry for the last 16 years, though, I also have a passion for the latest-and-greatest tech releases. So when an AI-powered bird feeder hit the market, I was pumped. It was the best of both worlds. I had to have it.

My bird feeder is able to (fairly accurately) identify birds and sends me pictures and videos throughout the day as the birds go about their business. The postcard notifications are a great reminder to take a little break and check in on what the birds are up to.

AI can sometimes feel like a buzzy, overused word these days, but when it’s applied in a smart way, it can add unexpected joy to your day. We’ll be keeping an eye out for those AI innovations to help with wherever you’re at in your journey, so stay tuned and see you next week.