Bits and Bytes — Your weekly roundup for September 8

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Stacey Hartman

Last week, we dove into the importance of learning and how to level up your skills. But sometimes, you need a dash of inspiration to get you going. And inspiration can often be sparked by the right mindset. Let’s take a look at our week on the Resource library and explore how to shift your mindset (and how AI can help there as well).

GoDaddy Resources

Combining learning with entrepreneurial support, here’s a quick overview of the highlights from this week to help you out.

GoDaddy Social

Isaac is back this week, sharing AI prompts to help make running a business easier.

And for a dose of inspiration, check out our customer highlight over on LinkedIn.

Thoughts of the week

Since the disruptions of 2020 drastically changed my overall lifestyle, it’s not really a surprise that all of my old routines fell by the wayside. Three years later, life feels as if it’s moving at breakneck speed and, without those routines, it's like being stuck under a growing pile of wet blankets. 

Keeping up with everyday demands is hard enough, how am I supposed to also make time for improving myself?

By rebuilding my routines. 

That’s been my focus for the week, as well as deciding on a single location to list out my tasks, ideas, to-dos, and goals that isn’t a chaotic collection of hastily scribbled notes all over my desk and across multiple daily planners (although my cat took care of the multi-planner problem by breaking a snow globe on them. Thanks, Lily).

The dastardly snow globe vandal.

If you have access to LinkedIn Learning, this course got me in the right mindset and moving in a better direction. Check it out if you need a little nudge like I did.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back next week with more learnings and insight. See you then.