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To address the inequity experienced by underserved students seeking access to computer science, an upcoming event aims to rally support from professionals in this sphere. The meetup is scheduled for Thursday, June 10 at 1 p.m. (EST) and sponsored by GoDaddy Pro, the nonprofit, and Radix, the registry behind the .tech domain.

It's free to attend, and throughout June all proceeds received by GoDaddy and Radix from the registration of .tech domains will go to

It's almost hard to imagine that well into the 21st century, the potential of some students remains stymied by something most of us take for granted. Yet research from shows that, indeed, an education in computer science is far from guaranteed for some children.

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Examining the gap in computer science education with

Founded in 2013, started as a YouTube video that reached the number-one spot for a single day — but that was enough. Following the release of their video, some 15,000 schools reached out for help from the budding organization.

Today, 40% of students have accounts on and the platform has been used to create more than 150 million projects. When you look at just some of the data compiled by the organization, the importance of their work becomes more apparent.

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The gap in computer science education

90% of parents want their child to study computer science47% of high schools teach computer science
67% of all new jobs in STEM are computing11% of STEM bachelor's degrees are in Computer Science
$.58 million represents the lifetime earnings of an average high school graduate$1.67 million represents the lifetime earnings of a computer science graduate


But don't kids mostly dream of becoming doctors, firefighters or astronauts? Perhaps not. Data recently released by GoDaddy Pro shows that a gig in tech is quickly becoming the new dream job.

A look at the future of work in America from GoDaddy Pro

While the wail of a siren or countdown to blastoff surely remain exciting to most people, we're finding some folks also get pumped up over lines of code and aspect ratios.

GoDaddy recently released the results of a poll surveying web designers and developers — which highlighted some interesting facts about their jobs.

We found 95% of designers and developers believe their industry offers a lucrative and secure career path, with the best perks being the ability to work remotely, the creative aspects, the work environment and the pay.

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Don't these jobs look awesome? Join our dot tech meetup to ensure every student has access to them.

Imagine telling a kid they'd never get to be that doctor, firefighter or astronaut — because nobody was available to teach them. When a student doesn't have access to a computer science education, we could be depriving them of their dream job.

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What can you do to help?

If you're just now becoming aware of the issue with access to computer science education, your best move is registering for our free event. There's no charge, it's a modest time commitment and can help determine your next move.

If you're ready to get involved, there are a few ways to help

However you decide to spend your time, please be sure to let people know about it in the GoDaddy Pro Community. It's a great way to amplify your efforts, as other like-minded individuals will see your awesomeness and get inspired to help as well.

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