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New Email Marketing features in GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suite

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Stacey Hartman

Welcome to our changelog for the GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suite. Let’s take a look at the updates and improvements available now, as well as how they can help promote and grow your business.

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What’s new in email for Digital Marketing Suite

Here’s a list of the features and options available for Digital Marketing Suite:

Updates as of October 2023:

  • Seamlessly add products to your email marketing

Updates as of July 2023:

  • Design your own email template using custom HTML

Design your own email template using custom HTML

Create a unique look for your email campaigns with this handy new feature that allows you to design your very own email templates using custom HTML.

Whether you’re a coding pro or HTML novice, our user-friendly interface simplifies the process, making it easier than ever to create striking emails that effectively represent your brand and engage your readers.

As an example, if you want to quickly add functions to your email template, the Insert HTML snippets option on the right will allow you to simply click to add those features to your template.

Seamlessly add products to your email marketing

For those using the Commerce-tier Online Store plan, you now have the ability to include products from your online store directly into your email newsletters. This new feature provides a direct link between your shop and your email recipients.

This feature helps to simplify the process of sharing product updates, latest additions, or sales promotions with your readers, making it easier for you to keep your audience informed about your product range directly through email marketing.

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