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Revamp your online strategy — The web traffic benefits of a .Store domain

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Are you an online store owner seeking to carve out your niche in the bustling world of ecommerce?  

It's a daunting task, especially considering the latest statistics show Americans spending totaled $1.12 trillion on online shopping in 2023.

This trend underscores the immense potential and fierce competition in the digital marketplace.  A recent 12-month study conducted by Contrast Digital, an ecommerce marketing agency, reveals some eye-opening insights about how a .Store domain can increase traffic, lower costs per conversion, and double the search visibility for your ecommerce business. 

Why .Store is a top domain for your ecommerce business

The study compared the performance of two similar online stores.  

To ensure objective data collection, the only key difference between both was the domain extension — with one using a .Store domain. All other elements were kept as similar as possible, including the second-level domain, number of pages, page layouts, product descriptions, blog content, and paid search campaigns.  

Over the 12-month period, this study meticulously tracked and compared their performance, offering a rare, controlled glimpse into the impact of domain selection in the ecommerce world. 

The results were nothing short of remarkable.  

The store with the .Store domain attracted an impressive 87% more traffic. This increase is vital in a market where trillions are channeled into online purchases, indicating a significant advantage in attracting potential customers.  

It also achieved 2X the visibility in search engine results. A crucial factor for businesses vying for attention in a crowded online space.  

Additionally, the study noted a 12% reduction in the cost per conversion for the store on the .Store domain; signaling a more efficient allocation of marketing resources and higher ROI.

How this can help boost sales for your ecommerce business 

These findings are more than just academic; they offer practical, actionable insights for you as an ecommerce business owner.  

In the current landscape, where digital presence equates to business success, the choice of your domain name could very well dictate your store's visibility, customer attraction, and overall profitability.  

The study shows that a strategic domain choice, like opting for a .Store domain, can provide a tangible competitive edge for your ecommerce business.  

Ready to elevate your ecommerce business with a .Store domain?  

This study serves as a vital guidepost for ecommerce business owners navigating the competitive and ever-changing ecommerce landscape.  

As consumer spending and online shopping habits continue to evolve, making an informed, strategic decision about your digital identity becomes crucial.

The insights from this study suggest that choosing a .Store domain is not just a cosmetic choice; it's a strategic business decision with the potential to significantly impact your online store's traffic, search engine visibility, and marketing efficiency.  

Want to try out a .Store domain for your online business? Register yours today!

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