Attract more business with Get Found

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Genevieve Tuenge

Your potential customers are searching for your products and services on the Web right now, but what if inaccurate or nonexistent info led them to pursue your competitors. Ouch! With our new Get Found product, you can easily showcase your business everywhere your customers are already looking: Google®, Facebook®, Yelp®, TripAdvisor®, OpenTable®, Yahoo!®, Citysearch®, Foursquare® and Bing® (just to name a few).

Get published and searched

Getting your business online is key to finding success in this day and age, but getting on top websites that are viewed by millions of your customers — that’s crucial. With Get Found, we’ll let you know how your business info displays on top sites, which sites you are/aren’t listed on, and then we’ll help you get the right info in all the right places.

One and done

The beauty of Get Found is it saves you time and money by letting you upload and update business, service and product information on top sites, all in one place. Let’s say you need to update your store hours. Just jump in your Get Found account, make the changes and hit save. Voila! Your business info all over the Web is accurate and it only took a minute to change it.

Yep, it’s organic

It’s not science — the more places your website displays online, the easier it is for new customers to find you. With your business listed on national directories, local directories and social media sites, customers can easily find you in organic Google search results.

Offer your customers more, for less

Creating and maintaining menus and service price lists can be a time-consuming hassle if you do it on your own, and expensive if you have a website designer do it for you. But with Get Found, beautiful templates and a simple editor tool make displaying and updating your menu or services right on your website easy as pie.

As we grow, so will you

Our partnerships with 40 of the top consumer destination sites on the Web gives your business a leg up on the competition. And as Get Found grows and develops new partnerships, your online presence grows too — giving more customers more places to find you online.

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