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Creating WooCommerce Memberships Menus for Members

2 min read
Beka Rice

One of our popular Woo Ideas for Memberships is the ability to create a menu for members. We’d examined this for version one of the plugin, but we weren’t crazy about included a lot of the commonly used menu restrictions in the core plugin, so it wasn’t included at launch. We also know that a lot of memberships sites have role-based menu restrictions in place to begin with, such as Nav Menu Roles, and these rules could potentially conflict.

The fantastic Kathy Darling has helped solve this problem by creating a Nav Menu Roles add-on to let you restrict menu items for members as well as roles.

When you download and install this helper plugin (requires Nav Menu Roles and Memberships), you’ll be able to select membership plans as menu restriction options in addition to your roles.

Go to Appearance > Menus and look at an item from your menu. If you choose to only show this menu item to logged-in users, you can choose who can see it based on role, and now also based on the membership plan the member has active:

Restricted page
restricted page 2

Now when a menu item is restricted to members-only, it will be hidden from the navigation until the member logs in, and these menu items are only shown if the membership is active:

non member menu
member menu

This add-on to bridge Nav Menu Roles and WooCommerce Memberships helps you create customized navigation experiences for non-members, members, and other customers on your site.