Free email templates for getting content

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Art Martori

There’s nothing sadder than a great website design just sitting there with lorem ipsum text and placeholder images.

Hello, client... where’s that content you were gonna send? 

Often, a strategically timed message can help get things moving again. And so we present to you these free email templates for getting content from your clients.

Use these free email templates for getting content

It’s usually a good idea to set expectations in the contract. Note that if the client doesn't send content by a certain date, the project can be put on hold. You don’t want to be caught waiting for a client and unable to take on new work.

Many times, clients are just forgetful or overwhelmed with their responsibilities. A little expert advice from their web pro (you) can give them the confidence to take their best shot.

And finally let you get back to work!

General email template for getting content


Hope you’re excited about the new website. It’s going to be fantastic.

To move things along, I just need the content we discussed that’s going on the website pages.

It’s important to remember that things are on hold until you have a moment to send along those items.

If you’re having trouble, please just let me know.

I look forward to seeing your great content for the new website.


Email template for getting content from a client who needs help with writing


Just a friendly reminder that I’m still waiting on that text from you.

Writing can definitely be a chore we didn’t expect. I get it.

However, I’ve learned a trick that can get the ball rolling and produce some good text for your website:

  • Think of a few words that you’d like to hear other people use to describe you, say, three to six of these.
  • Once you have them jotted down, take a break from writing (I like to go for a walk). Think about ways to define or expand on those terms.
  • Once your thoughts are clear, go back to your writing space and match those definitions to the original words you thought up. 

That should leave something like:

Integrity — Our word is our bond. If we describe certain pricing or services, rest assured that’s exactly what we’ll deliver.


Value — We pay close attention to our market and ensure our pricing delivers the greatest return on your hard-won investment.

This should give us some nice text to use throughout the site, or expand upon.

Hope it helped!


Email template for getting content from a client who needs help with images


Just a friendly reminder that I’m still waiting on those images from you.

I know photography can be tricky, but I have some basic tips that can help you capture high-quality images with your phone.

  • If possible, use natural light and turn off the flash. It can make images look flat.
  • Use the default camera settings, no filters. You can always add those later.
  • Keep the source of light behind you, and try to let it hit your subject at an angle.
  • Don’t always put your subject dead center. Divide your view into thirds and see if there’s a more interesting place for your subject.
  • If you’re shooting a product that fits indoors, use a sheet (of a single color) as a backdrop, maybe even placed over a chair or couch.

There’s a lot to photography, but these are some basics that often go overlooked. They can make your photos go from Ugh! to Okay, that’ll work!

Hope it helped!


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