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Give your website traction with a .blog domain [infographic]

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Maxym Martineau

Blogging is the cornerstone of online sharing in today’s digital world. From lifestyle pieces about parenting to small business articles covering tips for social media marketing, a blog is essential for connecting with your audience. And as of November 21, the new .blog domain makes it that much easier to share your story. Small business owners and bloggers alike can supercharge their online presence with a .blog domain.

How can a .blog domain help your business?

Looking for reasons to add a .blog domain to your arsenal of online tools? Below are some reasons blogging can help small businesses across the board.

Blogging increases traffic. Google and other search engines love dynamic, active content. If you’ve got an RSS feed spreading compelling news to your readers, then you’re well on your way to boosting your numbers. Just make sure you’ve taken the time to craft engaging content. And with a .blog domain attached to your blog, the increased amount of visitors you receive will know exactly where to go.

Blogging builds relationships. Blogging gives you the ability to establish yourself as a trusted source among your shoppers and readers. If they see you interacting, responding and catering to their needs, your rapport will skyrocket. And good relationships are always good for business.

Aside from the obvious YourCompany.blog, you’ve got plenty of options to establish yourself as a trusted source with a .blog domain:

  • BestChickenRecipes.blog
  • TheWorkingMom.blog
  • KeysToSuccess.blog

Think about your audience and why they are visiting your site. What kind of information are they seeking? What answers could your blog provide? Then, use that information to come up with a .blog domain that speaks to your readers.

Blogging helps build brand awareness. With your increased search engine visibility and budding customer relationships, this is a no-brainer. The more eyes on your site, the happier your business will be. Securing YourBrand.blog is a killer way to maintain a stronghold on your brand while keeping your customers engaged. And engaged customers love to share, so make sure your social media presence is well-established.

Start your engines

Picture a race track where the finish line is your successful blog driving more and more customers or viewers to your site. A winding road where you use your new .blog domain to bring immediate recognition to your online musings.

As a small business owner or blogger, you understand how important it is to have visibility online. Even if you already have a name you love, you can still register a .blog domain and anchor it specifically to your blog — no rebranding required. Embrace this opportunity to expand your audience online. So hop in your car, start your engine, and see which path you can take to make your .blog domain a success.

GoDaddy .Blog Domain InfographicThe race has only just begun

Blogging makes sense, just like adding a .blog domain to your site. Immediate recognition? Check. Brand awareness? Check. Customer engagement? Yes, yes, yes! What more of a green light do you need?

Start your search for the perfect .blog domain name today:

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