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Dylan Culhane

In our pursuit to help everyday entrepreneurs thrive online, GoDaddy already offers best-in-class products for setting up and optimizing your website, domain, SEO, email, online shop and blog. Today we’re excited to announce that visual content creation is the latest capability we’ve unlocked, enabling all our customers to expand their online presence and start selling more. That’s right – GoDaddy Studio (formerly known as Over) is now available to all GoDaddy customers, which is definitely something worth getting excited about.

Why you ask? Well for starters, it’s free. Starting in July, GoDaddy Studio will be added to your Websites + Marketing dashboard at no extra cost to you. You also get the mobile app for free, with unlimited access to the full suite of pro content and tools.

More importantly, this is your best opportunity to harness the power of design to supercharge your branding, marketing, and selling efforts.

Template options in GoDaddy Studio

It’s no secret that eye-catching visual content is non-negotiable in the social media marketplace. But getting your brand to stand out from the crowd isn’t easy, and not everybody can afford a professional designer to make that happen.

GoDaddy Studio exists to solve this problem, making it quick and easy to create stunning visual content — on web or mobile, for online or print.

Think of it as your brand’s own design studio, and you’re the creative director. 

The secret to GoDaddy Studio’s ease of use is an enormous, ever-growing collection of professionally designed and curated templates. These do all the design heavy lifting for you, so you get to focus on the fun part.

Simply pick a template best suited to your need, and customize it with your own copy, images, and colors — all at the tap of a button. Create a fresh, professional design in minutes, not hours.

Go from idea to online in minutes with GoDaddy Airo™

Get started now.

We have thousands of easy-on-the-eye templates for just about any imaginable objective:

  • Creating a logo or a business card
  • Promoting events, sales or competitions
  • Making shoppable product posts
  • Announcing news
  • Offering insights, information or advice
  • Designing Instagram stories, IGTV covers or YouTube thumbnails
  • Producing video ads on social
  • Celebrating special days
  • Printing branded collateral

These are some common applications for GoDaddy Studio, but the list extends to virtually any form of visual communication.

For example, if you own an organic food truck with a “retro street” style, in need of a logo, a new menu design, customized napkins, stickers for the boxes, a poster for the farmer’s market, a Facebook ad, thumbnails for your recipe videos, and an Instagram Story for your Taco Tuesday special… GoDaddy has you covered.

GoDaddy Studio has everything your brand needs to cast its net as widely as possible.

editing in GoDaddy Studio

If you’re more confident in the design arena or have a very specific idea of what you want, take the training wheels off the bicycle and create your unique project from a blank canvas.

Hundreds of fonts, thousands of graphics, and a million or so royalty-free photos and videos ought to be enough raw material to get you started. Or just use your own.

Our full stack of pro image editing tools — including photo filters, masking tool and blend modes — offer endless artistic possibilities. You can even remove backgrounds with a single click, paving the way for a digital collage or stylized product shots that make your online catalog and shoppable posts pop.

Another huge benefit GoDaddy Studio offers small businesses is the ability to create a distinct visual identity.

Just imagine what your new brand will look like with its own logo, fonts, color palettes, and custom graphics.

GoDaddy Studio lets you discover, collect and apply all the elements that make your online presence unique and unified. Showing up professionally and consistently is the No. 1 rule in the getting noticed game.

Looking good online is the advantage your venture needs to take it to the next level. With GoDaddy Studio, it’s easier than you thought to look better than you imagined. Try it out now, and see how much fun design can be when it’s this simple.

What is GoDaddy Studio?

It’s a web and mobile app (formerly known as Over) that empowers everyday entrepreneurs to create beautiful visual content by customizing templates, or creating from scratch with simple design tools. This visual content could be for social media, your website, online marketing, or assets to build your brand and market your small business.

What are some of the different types of assets that I can create?

Though far from exhaustive, these are some of the most common applications for GoDaddy Studio:

  • Branded videos for social media and websites
  • Instagram/Facebook posts and covers
  • Social media ads
  • Google ad/banners
  • Website/blog headers
  • Logo designs
  • IGTV posts and covers
  • Pinterest posts
  • YouTube thumbnails, channel banners and community posts
  • Flyers/posters — either digital or printed
  • Promotions — like sales, events and competitions
  • Business cards
  • Quotes
  • Background wallpapers
  • Birthday/celebration cards
  • Announcements
  • Invitations

Is this for desktop or mobile?

Both! GoDaddy Studio is available on iOS, Android and desktop web browsers. On web browsers, you’ll access it via your GoDaddy Websites + Marketing dashboard, under Marketing > Content Creator. If you want to use it on your mobile phone, you’ll first need to download the GoDaddy Studio app via the App Store or Google Play, and then log in with your GoDaddy details.

Connecting via your GoDaddy account will also let you share your creations to social media directly from your Websites + Marketing dashboard. Any image you edit or create with GoDaddy Studio will automatically appear in your Websites + Marketing image library.

In other words, you can use either platform to design visual content for your website (logo, product shots, page headers, promos, blog images, etc.) or your social pages (IG stories, Facebook ads, product carousels, Etsy covers, YouTube thumbnails, etc.).

Your designs are shared and accessible across both platforms.

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Who is eligible for access to GoDaddy Studio?

GoDaddy Studio is available for free to all existing and future GoDaddy customers. Paid Websites + Marketing accounts will have a pro account, with unlimited access to all tools and content.

Customers with free accounts will have access to a more limited selection. Upgrading at any time unlocks all the premium features. GoDaddy Studio is available worldwide in 12 languages.

What if I already have an Over account and a GoDaddy Websites + Marketing account?

We suggest canceling your Over subscription, since this will now be automatically included in your GoDaddy Websites + Marketing account. Remember to save your existing projects first, since we aren’t able to transfer a pre-existing Over account to your GoDaddy account at the moment. We hope to offer this in the future.

How do I use GoDaddy Studio?

This introductory tutorial video will show you the ropes if you’re using GoDaddy Studio for the first time.

Do I need design skills to use GoDaddy Studio?

Not at all! GoDaddy Studio is designed with the non-designer in mind. If you’re more fluent in design, it’s even easier. Our intuitive tools and extensive libraries of graphics, fonts, photos and videos can bring virtually any visual idea to life.

Can you create multi-page designs in GoDaddy Studio?

Absolutely. Pages — great for Stories and carousels — is currently only available on the mobile app (iOS and Android), but this feature will be available on desktop versions very soon.

How do I get started?

Start by searching for your particular template (eg. “Black Friday” or “Bakery” or “YouTube thumbnail”), select one that works best for you, and then customize the design to suit your brand. When you are done, export the asset for later use, or post it directly to social media via your Websites + Marketing dashboard. Done!

What’s not available?

A couple of features in Over aren’t currently available to GoDaddy users. These include:

  • Over Teams: Over’s collaborative product for teams to work together on creative projects.
  • Account transfers: We aren’t able to transfer a pre-existing Over account to your GoDaddy account at the moment. We hope to offer this in the future.

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