Pinterest template in GoDaddy studio

GoDaddy Studio and Pinterest make perfect creative partners

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Dylan Culhane

As an official Pinterest Partner in the creative specialty, GoDaddy Studio makes it simpler than ever for small businesses and creators to unlock the vast potential of Pinterest for marketing.

With more than 450 million monthly users sharing and drawing inspiration from the world’s most beautiful content, Pinterest is right at the forefront of the visual communication revolution.

Pinterest templates in GoDaddy Studio

Today, more than ever, we’re all far more attuned to pictures and videos than words. The image-driven Pinterest experience is a goldmine for small brands that speak visually. A staggering 84% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest when actively deciding which products and services to purchase.

If your brand isn’t using this platform yet... Why the heck not?

This is precisely where people go when they’re looking for new products and brands.

And if you are already pinning, then you know how essential it is to post content that’s delicious on the eyes. Bland just doesn’t cut it in this beautiful visual jungle.

GoDaddy Studio is passionate about helping small businesses get noticed with stylish, professional visual content. Joining the Pinterest Partner program helps our users get even more mileage from their efforts, by simplifying the pathway to this thriving marketplace, with its 450 million potential customers.

Pinterest templates in GoDaddy Studio

We make it easy to produce unmissable content in line with Pinterest’s best creative practices. Our customizable Pinterest templates are specifically designed for this platform, ready for you to customize in minutes

GoDaddy Studio and Pinterest both have creativity at their core, and our missions align beautifully: giving everyone the inspiration to create a life they love.

The powerhouse combo of on-trend graphics, simple design tools, and a gigantic platform, gives you everything you need to create world-class content and put it in front of the world.

Try out GoDaddy Studio right now, for free, and start building your brand’s presence on Pinterest. It’s never been easier or more worthwhile than at this very moment.

Easy steps to get started:

  • Download GoDaddy Studio on either iOS or Android
  • Select Pinterest from the Quickstart menu
  • Choose your template and start designing
  • Save and share to Pinterest

‍For maximum impact:

  • Save your brand logo and brand color palette
  • Collect your favorite graphics
  • Save your favorite templates and designs for later use

Try it out now, and create beautiful, pinnable posts to promote your brand!