HEG and GoDaddy

HEG and GoDaddy join forces to help more people get their ideas online

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Shawn Pfunder

As you might have already heard, we announced earlier this week that we entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Host Europe Group (HEG) including their popular brands 123Reg, Domain Factory, Host Europe and Heart Internet.

HEG and GoDaddy Blake Irving

In short, HEG and GoDaddy are joining forces: two companies that intimately understand the internet and how to help others take advantage of it to get their ideas out into the world.

Honestly, we think it's a perfect match. They care about what we care about. We care about what they care about. We know we're gonna do great things together.

HEG and GoDaddy Blake Irving CEO

It's like when you meet someone at a party who speaks your language. Out of a room of 20 to 30 people, they pick up on your obscure references. They remember the time Tom Waits paired up with Crystal Gayle. Or, they too spent the night outside a gas station in Mittenwald, Germany. Or maybe, you meet someone who started their own bookstore when they were in their 20s, and their favorite book is a 1983 version of Pride and Prejudice. Their copy is worn and tattered and filled with notes and exclamation points.

Just like yours.

It's serendipity, when that sort of thing happens. They instantly become a part of your tribe. You don't have to ask more questions. You already know that the two of you are going to be great friends.

That's what we've discovered with HEG. Our priorities and our goals are the same.

HEG and GoDaddy Europe Announcement

Supporting our customers is priority No. 1.

HEG has a track record of not only creating quality services and products with small businesses and agencies in mind, they've backed it up with consistent support. How do we know? They have a high Net Promoter Score (NPS). For the uninitiated, NPS is a score from 1 to 100 that basically measures this: "hey friend, you should check out this company because they're really great." It's a recommendation score. How likely are you to recommend a company to other people.

How do you get a high NPS score? You take care of your customers. Their success is priority No. 1. Like us, HEG is obsessed with customer satisfaction.

We want to help people create something meaningful.

HEG and GoDaddy are passionate about helping people create something meaningful and share it online. In the words of Patrick Pulvermüller, Group CEO of HEG:

"In combining with GoDaddy, we see a remarkable opportunity for our customers, partners and the small business ecosystem in Europe. What stands out is the strategic alignment of the companies — we’re both driven to empower people to transform their ideas and bring them to life online."

Yep. See what I mean? For both of us, the hero of our story are the small business owners, designers, musicians, artists, photographers and bloggers of the world. You've got an idea; we want to help you make it happen.

We know what it takes to publish a website.

We've both been doing this for a while. We know domains. We know hosting. We know websites. We know the web. And despite the changes over the years, one thing has remained paramount for both HEG and GoDaddy: performance.

HEG and GoDaddy Video

We both think pancakes are the food of the future.

People with great ideas they want to share with the world? That's something that makes us human. It's who we are. It's global.

No country has a corner on the market when it comes to creativity.

Working together, we're able to reach more people around the world, regardless of the types of pancakes they eat. Blini, pikelets, aebleskivers, crepes, nalesniki, potato or buttermilk. We've got your back.

HEG and GoDaddy Pancakes

In short, this new partnership between HEG and GoDaddy helps both companies reach more people. That's good. We've got some audacious goals. We want to see more and more people around the world start and successfully run their own independent ventures. We need strong partnerships to make that happen.

We can't wait to see what happens next.