Make your website faster with expires headers

2 min read
Christopher Carfi

This month's hosting performance hangout on Google+™ focused on using expires headers to speed up your website. Expires headers give context on what Web page info should be served from a cache if it is available. (For example, while a Web page needs to load all its images and related files the very first time a visitor accesses a particular page, subsequent loads usually do not need to reload unchanged images, which takes time.)

Expires Header

David Koopman (Principal Engineer, GoDaddy)
Marcel Verkerk (Lead Performance Engineer, GoDaddy)

30 minutes

Key topics

  • What are website headers?
  • What are expires headers?
  • Tips for making your website faster (code optimization, SQL optimization, image optimization)
  • Demo 1: Adding expires headers on a GoDaddy cPanel site
  • How to review website performance with for a sample Joomla!® site
  • Editing htaccess on a GoDaddy cPanel site
  • Demo 2: Adding expires headers on a DNN® (formerly DotNetNuke) site on GoDaddy Windows hosting
  • Tips for setting expires headers for different MIME types
  • How to test whether a slow website is caused by a slow connection, a hosting provider, or something else
  • Additional Q&A

If you are interested in learning more about expires headers, check out this great resource from

Be sure to join us for our next hosting hangout on June 13 to learn how optimizing images and image compression can improve website performance.

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