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How GoDaddy Pro helps website pros shop on behalf of clients

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Nevena Tomović

Your clients trust you, because you know what they need for their websites. Now you can shop on behalf of your clients and make sure they are getting all of the right products. As the expert it's more efficient for you to handle the shopping, you save both your and your client's time. A true web professional handles everything for their client, boost your reputation as a full service provider.

How does it work:

  1. You log into your Pro dashboard
  2. Select a client
  3. Start adding products to their cart
  4. You can email the cart to the client to complete the purchase
  5. If you don't have account access they are prompted to give it to you so you can get started building their website
  6. If you already have full permission to shop for a client you can bill it to their card directly

Shopping for your clients earns you reward points, which you can spend on products for your clients or for yourself. With each new purchase you earn 5 reward points for every dollar spent on GoDaddy products. Once you accumulate a certain number of points you will be promoted to Pro plus, being a Pro plus member means you earn double points on everything you buy. As a Pro plus member you also get listed at the top of Pro Connect, our directory of web professionals. That way new clients can find you faster.

Start making the most out of all GoDaddy Pro tools by signing up to the GoDaddy Pro program, reduce your workload and increase your revenue today. 

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