Local Sync: easily deploy your website from your computer to the server

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Nemanja Aleksic

The cool thing about building websites on your computer is that it's fast, and you keep working even when you don't have an internet connection. Getting that website is another matter; with all the FTP uploads and database imports, you waste hours. Or, should I say, you used to waste hours, because you now have Local Sync.

What's Local Sync, and why should I care?

You've been hired to build an online t-shirt store in WordPress. The development is going well, and you want to get feedback from your client. You just need to deploy the website to a password protected server. You fire up Local Sync from your Pro Sites dashboard, click a few times, and the localhost website automagically appears on the password protected server.

Local Sync gives you Git-like ability to synchronize your localhost WordPress website with another environment, saving you hours of your time in the process.

It also works the other way - if you want to test a bunch of updates before running them on a live WordPress website, just use Local Sync to push the live website to localhost.

Local Sync is in beta, and you're free to use it as much as you want. All we ask in return is your feedback on both the look and the feel, as well as how it performs. With thousands of different server configurations out there, we want to make sure that Local Sync works perfectly with not just GoDaddy servers, but with all major hosts as well.

What's the long term vision for Local Sync?

That's easy. You'll have different environments for each of your websites, and with just 1 click Local Sync will make sure each environment is running the latest version of your websites. All that within a minute, without any fear that something could break.

It doesn't get any better than that, don't you agree? Tell us what you think in the community section.

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