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Processing refunds through GoCentral Online Store

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Andy Claremont

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1872 asks:

“How do you process refunds? I have Stripe set up and everything, but when I click through to the credit card/customer and it brings me to the Stripe dashboard, which shows no activity whatsoever. I can't figure out how to process a refund... Anyone know?”

Kbdesigns responded:

“I just figured out how to do this just now. You have to do it through your Stripe Account. When you are in the order in your store and it says it was paid by credit card. The "credit card" is linked to Stripe, click on it, sign into Stripe, go to payments and click on the purchase you need to refund then it will have two options at the top for refunding payment.”

hrnadmin adds:

“There is no single "click" to initiate a refund option.

It depends on how the customer paid first of all, in your dashboard go to orders,
Find the customer that has requested a refund and view the order details,
In the order details the payment method will be displayed.

If the order was via bank account / credit card you would go to your account to view the received payment from that order and initiate a refund via the banking services provided for refunds (Eg: Stripe). PayPal is simpler, you would just sign in to your paypal account, view the transaction and refund the amount with the service option they provide you with.

Alternatively and this goes a long way for your business, first offer a credit note for the amount of the refund, you may find that the customer may even prefer a credit note so they can just re-shop on your store with the money they spent previously in your store, always offering an alternative comes highly recommended.

To issue a credit not from your dashboard you would select the "coupons" tab and create an individual coupon with its own code (Eg: Brendascredit2017) and input the value of the refund and click whatever specifics you want of rits usage (single usage) (valid from and to dates), then send the details to the customer if they accept a credit note of the code to enter at the cart, when the customer enters the code the refund amount or partial refund amount is deducted from the total of the basket giving them the refund as a credit.”

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