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Product targeting — How to optimize exposure on Amazon

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Sergey Grybniak

Amazon Marketing is a competitive, ever-changing and essential tool for sellers. Not long ago, a new feature appeared in Amazon’s Sponsored Products advertising campaigns. The feature, product targeting, is currently working in beta mode, but it has already provided sellers with positive results.

With Sponsored Product campaigns, you can create two types of product targeting: automatic and manual. To target by keywords or product type, you must select a manual advertising campaign. You can choose different match types for keywords, and select categories, products, brands or features related to your product.

Product Targeting Sponsored Campaign

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Keyword targeting allows you to choose keywords to showcase your products in customer searches and detail pages, which is a helpful strategy when you know which search terms shoppers use to search for products similar to yours.

Product targeting allows you to choose specific products, categories, brands or other product features that are similar to the product in your ad, and you can use it to help shoppers find your product when browsing detail pages and categories, or when searching for products on Amazon.

Product Targeting Beta allows you to customize how Amazon ads are shown on other ASIN pages, and in search results by category.

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When to use product targeting

When will product targeting likely be most effective for your business?

  • When you are launching a new product and are not sure which keywords will work best.
  • When you want to compare your product to other brands. Products and brands of other sellers should be carefully selected to highlight the advantages of your product over theirs.
  • When you want to offer additional products under your own brand, and advertise your other similar products as options.
  • When you want to expand the target of your ad campaign by trying this new opportunity from Amazon.

Experts recommend using all targeting techniques and approaching your goal from different sides. This is the most efficient way to skyrocket Amazon sales.

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Setting up product targeting ads on Amazon

Categories tab

In the categories tab, you can target suggested categories relevant to your ad product. You can also search by category, or browse the categories listed below the search field.

Categories can be refined by brand, price range and review star ratings. Carefully consider which categories of products will most likely appeal to your target audience.

Product Targeting Categories

Products tab

Product Targeting Individual Products Tab
Product Targeting Individual Products Search
Product Targeting Assign Bids
Product Targeting Negative
Product Targeting Keywords Results

In the products tab, you can target suggested individual products similar to yours.
You can also search for specific products in the search field.

Once you have selected the product and brand categories to run your advertising campaign, you can assign bids for each group.

As an option, you can specify a list of products or categories to be excluded.

By choosing to target by category, you can refine your selections by brand, price and product rating.

Refine brand targeting: Select specific brands to target your ads. Try showcasing your products alongside brands that have high brand value among buyers and are clearly visible on Amazon.

Refine by price: Refining by price makes it easy to target high-end products similar to yours.

Product Targeting Refine Category

Refine by rating: This helps you target products with lower ratings and reviews, giving your product more chances to sell.
Targeting by category can give your product more visibility, an advantage when you are trying to increase brand awareness and launch your product. However, it will broaden your coverage, meaning your product will be displayed in irrelevant searches, leading to lower conversion rates and higher ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

Individual product targeting gives you a much narrower scope, but it will showcase your product to targeted users, giving you a better chance of making a sale.

Build your campaigns

Thanks to this Amazon update, you can now create multiple ad groups in a manual campaign. To make the most of it, target categories, products and keywords in their own individual campaigns for better control over data and reports.

The best results are shown by target keywords, then by individual products and further by categories. If you correctly approach target advertising, each of these advertising campaigns can be effective for achieving higher sales.

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