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Standout tools: Microsoft 365 email migration

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Deepa Mallik

Ready to switch your email to Microsoft 365 but worried about the time and technical skill required for a smooth email migration? Keep reading!

Introducing GoDaddy’s full-service email migration to Microsoft 365

If you want to switch to a more robust email provider, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to migrate your business email to a new email tool, GoDaddy’s email migration service offers an affordable solution.

What’s the difference?

While other email providers offer do-it-yourself email migration services, GoDaddy features a hands-on consultation and service that migrates contacts, calendar and folders into Microsoft 365. Completely hassle-free. Check it out:

Who’s it for?

Individuals and businesses who are experiencing slowness, downtime, missing emails and other symptoms of an outdated email system, who work in regulated industries, or who have email security concerns — but who don’t have the time or skills to migrate their email to a more robust system like Microsoft 365.

Sound familiar? If you want to switch your email to Microsoft 365, you can benefit from our email migration service. Just ask Weston Sprigg, agent/principal with Belltown Insurance Group. Weston turned to GoDaddy for help with migrating his company’s business email to Microsoft 365, and says he felt confident in knowing that GoDaddy’s email experts were handling the technical backend responsibilities.

“The migration was well planned by GoDaddy and our Tech Support Contractor. The GoDaddy staff handled everything that we asked for.”

Weston says GoDaddy’s experienced staff and 24/7 support kept his confidence level high during and beyond the email migration process.

Email Migration Outlook Modern Attachments
Modern attachments in Outlook 2016 make it easy to find and attach files.

How exactly does our migration service make it easier?

GoDaddy’s do-it-for-you, hands-on consultative email migration service seamlessly migrates email solutions (calendar, contacts and folders) without disruption to your business.

Saves you time

Self-migrating data can take time and puts your data at risk if there are any errors. We can save you hours of time.

Peace of mind

Doing a self-migration puts your email, calendar and contacts data at risk. GoDaddy’s email migration service offers a quick and easy way to ensure that all content is migrated correctly.

It's simple

You’ll appreciate the simple set up and quick activation with 24/7 support throughout the process. You also have the ability to schedule the migration for when it is convenient for you. Read more about our full-service email migration solution.

See why Microsoft 365 is better with GoDaddy.

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