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The 8 best WordPress plugins for email subscriptions

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Reaching your audience has never been easier, especially with access to a handful of marketing platforms available right at your fingertips. Small businesses have the ability to laser-target both existing and prospective customers through Facebook and Instagram ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. While these are all a great way to reach a target audience, one marketing channel often gets overlooked: email.

Email marketing helps you deliver your message directly to your audience, and the statistics speak for themselves on its effectiveness.

Sure, paid advertising lets you target people with relevant interests, but most of the time, those people are just scrolling right past your ads without much thought. The benefit of email marketing is that your message gets delivered right into the inbox of your audience. Better yet, the stats behind the effectiveness of marketing through email subscriptions are astounding. According to CampaignMonitor, companies can expect to make an impressive ROI of about $44 per $1 spent on email marketing.

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8 WordPress plugins to boost email subscriptions

Whether you’re a web pro looking to help small business clients gather new leads via email signup on their websites, a blogger looking to increase readership, or a business looking to get a monthly product newsletter created, WordPress plugins for email subscriptions can help you solve a variety of needs.

  1. Ninja Forms.

  2. WPForms.

  3. Gravity Forms.

  4. Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram.

  5. MailPoet.

  6. Newsletter.

  7. OptIn Monster.

  8. Opt-In Panda.

  9. Bonus plugin: GoDaddy Email Marketing.

Read on to start taking advantage of the benefits of email marketing with theses WordPress plugins.

1. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a staple in the WordPress community due to its vast options for customization and simple management of form lists. Ninja Forms makes it easy to build your email subscription form on your website with a click-and-drag builder.

One of the greatest things about this plugin is its vast list of integrations with other services like Zapier, PayPal Express, SalesForce and Slack to name a few.

These integrations will allow your business to make the most use of your signup forms without the hassle of coding!

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2. WPForms

WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for email subscriptions, with 1+ million active installations and an overall rating of 5 stars on the WordPress plugin library.

The high adoption of this plugin can be attributed to easy-to-build forms, thanks to a click-and-drag form builder.

There are also some form templates you can use to get a head start, in case you don’t feel like creating a form from scratch. WP Forms can also help you increase engagement on your website by adding polls and surveys to your site.

Once you’ve got your form up and running, you can easily sync it with major email marketing service providers.

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3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is another great WordPress plugin for email subscriptions that has been popular among the WordPress community due to its vast functionality and integration with other services like Stripe, Trello and DropBox.

These integrations can come in handy for various businesses, like a sales team that wants to receive a Slack notification each time a new subscriber is received.

Tasks can also be created through Trello for follow-up. Among these integrations, Gravity forms integrates with nine major email service providers to give you flexibility to choose a service that works best for your business.

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4. Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram

Looking for a way to collect email subscribers while also keeping your website visitors updated with your latest blog posts? Look no further than Email Subscribers & Newsletters by Icegram, a plugin that lets you collect email subscribers and keep them updated with instant email notifications on your newest blog posts. You can also create and send email newsletters right from your WordPress admin panel, without having to do so on a major service provider’s website.

5. MailPoet

MailPoet is truly the all-in-one WordPress plugin for email subscription that lets you do it all without having to leave the WordPress admin panel. With MailPoet, you can easily create signup forms, design beautiful newsletters, and manage your subscriptions lists — all from your WordPress admin panel and without having to sync your subscriber list to a major email service provider.

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WordPress Plugins Email Subscription MailPoet
Photo: MailPoet

6. Newsletter

Newsletter is similar to MailPoet in that it’s an all-in-one plugin that works without the need of an email service provider. You can have your email campaign up and running in no time with this plugin that lets you create your customized signup form, use a click-and-drag email layout builder to craft your emails, and track the success of your campaigns, all from one dashboard.

WordPress Plugins Email Subscription Newsletter
Photo: Newsletter

7. OptIn Monster

When you need something more aggressive to get your visitors to subscribe, OptIn Monster is the answer. OptIn Monster lets you create a variety of opt-in popups that will ask your visitors to subscribe and offer them something in return, such as a discount.

This plugin takes away the negative side of email subscription pop-ups and makes them into a win-win situation for you and your visitors.

Your website visitors can benefit from receiving a discount or a valuable piece of content, while you gain loyal email subscribers! OptIn Monster connects to the majority of email subscription services so you can choose which email service provider best suits your needs.

8. Opt-In Panda

Opt-In Panda gives you the opportunity to make the most out of content on your website by locking any content until the visitor subscribes to your email list. This “content locker” strategy is often used by websites that provide resources like how-to guides, informational PDFs, white papers and eBooks. It’s a great way to incentivize your visitors to sign up to your email list by giving them a valuable resource.

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Opt-In Panda is a great alternative to opt-in popups because it gives your visitors something in return for agreeing to subscribe to your email list. This can be good for your site’s reputation while also helping you build a list of truly engaged visitors who want more of your content.

9. Bonus plugin: GoDaddy Email Marketing

Are you using GoDaddy Email Marketing for your business? The GoDaddy Email Marketing plugin gives you access to all the essential features needed to run your own email marketing campaigns with easy-to-create signup forms to embed anywhere on your WordPress site.

This plugin will sync all of your email subscribers to GoDaddy Email Marketing for easy list management and newsletter scheduling.

Small plugins, big results

It doesn’t take a genius to build a successful email subscription campaign. With the help of these WordPress plugins for email subscriptions, you can start collecting email list subscribers in no time. Whether you’re looking to gain subscribers from your content or entice your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter with a promo code, these plugins can help you accomplish your marketing goals.

You can choose to go simple and lightweight or go data-crazy with a powerful plugin that lets you test every aspect of your email subscription forms. Choose a plugin that fits your needs and start reaping the benefits of an email subscription list!

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