The Widget Logic plugin for WordPress

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Lisa Stambaugh

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The Widget Logic plugin lets you control which pages widgets appear on, based on conditional statements.

How does Widget Logic improve the management or use of your website?

Widget Logic gives you added control over when a particular widget appears, by specifying conditional logic around pages or posts.

For example, you may want a widget that only appears on some pages, e.g. in the footer only on the home page.

Does it require additional configuration after installation?

After Widget Logic is installed, every widget will include a new option at the bottom labeled “widget logic”. Just add your qualifying statement and that takes care of it. If you don’t want to restrict widget visibility, just leave the field blank.

Does Widget Logic cost anything?

The Widget Logic plugin is free.

Final advice, before installing any WordPress plugin:

  • Verify that it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Read reviews and check ratings.
  • Scan the Support forum to see what sort of issues have been reported, and how the plugin support team responds to them.
  • Check the number of times the plugin has been installed (skip any with low usage; the more users, the more likely it is highly functional and maintained).

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