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What to expect from your WooCommerce payments provider 

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Beka Rice

Let’s talk WooCommerce payments providers. The payment process is one of the most critical parts of the online shopping experience—your customer has browsed your store, made their selections, and is ready to checkout. It’s time to get paid!

Now all you need is a quick, smooth checkout process for customers, and a quick turnaround to get your money.

If you have a WooCommerce store, you have plenty of options to accept payments. So, how do you know which one is best?

Finding the best WooCommerce payments provider

Ultimately, you want the best experience for both you and your customers. When it comes to choosing a payments processor, be sure your provider meets four important criteria.

1. Painless set up without upfront fees and fast settlement

Upfront fees or complicated contracts just to get started are among the last things you want in a payment provider—so demand an easy set up process. You should also expect a simple, low transaction rate and to receive your money quickly. The faster your transactions are settled, the sooner you can put your money to work growing your business.

2. A fantastic shopping experience for customers

Of course, your customers should be able to use any major credit or debit card—that’s obvious. But you also want them to stay on your store website, instead of sending them to a third-party payments site. You don’t have to compromise experience for security!

You definitely want to make it as easy as possible for customers to complete their transaction, too.

Ensure customers don’t get hung up on confusing decline messages or having to input their information for every transaction. Look for payment integrations that give customers instructive error messages if they run into issues, and allow them to save payment details for future checkout. Payment plugins built by our SkyVerge team even let customers set nicknames for saved cards, making their next checkout a breeze.

3. Safe and secure transactions

Entering credit or debit card information online requires a huge level of trust. Your customers should be able to rest easy knowing that their personal data is handled safely. And PCI compliance shouldn’t be a massive headache!

Work with a payment provider who offers a secure checkout form that customers use without leaving your site, and, ideally, seamlessly blends into your existing checkout.

While security at checkout is important, don’t forget about the other areas of your site, either.

Make sure that your payment provider helps you securely save credit card details for later, letting customers use a card on a future purchase, buy a subscription, and more.

4. Advanced integration with WooCommerce

You’ve made the investment in your WooCommerce store and your payment plugin should fit right in, taking advantage of the wide array of eCommerce features that WordPress and WooCommerce bring to the table.

Your payment provider should support advanced features like saved payment tokens, the ability to process refunds, authorization captures, and voids in your WordPress admin, and it should support popular plugins like Subscriptions or Pre-Orders.

This is also where payment plugins built by our team turn things up a notch, with a few additional features we’ve baked in:

  • Offer the best checkout experience to your customers with a mobile-friendly checkout form that auto-formats card fields and shows beautiful, high resolution icons.
  • Manage several orders quickly when you bulk-capture authorized transactions for multiple orders at once.
  • Automatically capture your authorized transactions when the order status changes, so you never forget to process a charge.

Meet your ideal WooCommerce payments provider

Poynt — a GoDaddy brand for WooCommerce — is a free WooCommerce payments extension for U.S.-based businesses that meets all four criteria! With Poynt, you can easily accept any major credit or debit card for transactions on sites built with WooCommerce and WordPress.

You can add it to your site and be up and running fast with no set-up fees or contracts.

You’ll pay a simple low transaction fee of only 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction and, better yet, you get paid by the next business day. Also, because Poynt uses hosted iframes for credit card fields, payment data never touches your servers—reducing your PCI compliance exposure.

Poynt creates a seamless experience for shoppers to input their payment info: entering their payment information directly on your site using an integrated, mobile-friendly checkout form.

You’ll see fewer abandoned cart losses with detailed decline messages that help customers correct mistakes and they’ll checkout faster the next time with the ability to securely save their payment information.

Poynt can also work seamlessly with other WooCommerce extensions such as Subscriptions and Pre-Orders, and refunds and voids can be processed directly through WooCommerce — no need to log into your merchant account! Poynt is a fully integrated online payments platform for WooCommerce shop owners.

Poynt is available here at WordPress.org and is also available as a pre-activated payments plugin within GoDaddy’s easy WordPress site templates for the Shared and Web Hosting Plus platforms.

Poynt is another way that GoDaddy is making it easier for small and mid-sized business owners to get the most of their online stores, provide better experiences for their customers, and ultimately, find more success.

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