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7 WooCommerce extensions to create product pages that convert

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Beka Rice

Your store’s homepage may be the first thing your visitors and potential buyers see, but it’s your product pages that ultimately seal the deal and lead to a sale.

That’s a lot of responsibility to put on a product page, which means it has to do several things—and do them well. An effective product page needs to showcase a product in the best way possible; great photos and copy are a must. It needs to demonstrate to a potential customer how the product fills a need in their life—and why this particular product is the only one that can fill that need. And ideally, the product page also needs to help increase a store’s average order value through strategic upselling.

And even when you’re doing everything perfect… the average ecommerce conversion rate is right around two percent. So imagine what that rate might be if you aren’t doing everything perfect.

There’s no one magic bullet for great product pages; they take effort, time, and experimentation. However, there are several Woocommerce extensions you can use on your clients’ sites (or your own site) to make quick but significant improvements to your product pages. In this article, we’ll cover seven of those extensions which can help you better showcase products, inform and entice customers, and ultimately earn more revenue.

7 WooCommerce extensions to create product pages that convert

Product Enquiry Form

Your product page should try to answer as many pre-sales questions as possible—that can help drive sales and reduce your support load. However, try as you will, it’s more or less impossible to predict all of the questions a potential customer might have. Some customers may want to chat or call, but if you don’t offer those options or if the customer has a more complex question, a product enquiry form is a good solution.

A product enquiry form.

The Product Enquiry Form extension ($49/year at WooCommerce.com) allows you to add an extra tab to your product pages—and that tab contains a form potential visitors can use to contact you and submit any question about the product. Some of the best features of the extension are:

  • You can protect the form using CAPTCHA to reduce or prevent spam.
  • You can receive email notifications when the form is submitted and reply directly to the customer.
  • The form is enabled for every product by default, but you can disable it on a product-by-product basis as needed.

This extension can also help you refine the content on your product pages or in your FAQs. If you’re seeing repeat questions come in through Product Enquiry Form, that’s a sign you should address those questions somewhere on your site—preferably even right there on the product page.

Woocommerce 360° Image

One of the challenges of online shopping is customers cannot directly interact with the product. That’s why product images are so important—they help close that tactile gap. They work even better if you show a 360-degree view of the product in question. This allows customers to easily see products from all angles and get a better idea of what they really look like.

WooCommerce 360° Image ($49/year at WooCommerce.comprovides a simple solution for adding a rotating image to product pages. The 360-degree image is responsive and touch-enabled, and you can enable or disable the built-in navigation controls and full screen view options.

You’ll need approximately 12 to 36 pictures of a product from different angles in order to showcase it in the 360-degree view. Here’s a useful guide for 360-degree photography that covers the steps necessary to take pictures of products of different shapes and sizes.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

Product reviews are crucial for an eCommerce store. 92 percent of customers will hesitate to buy from a store with no reviews, and 79 percent trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

WooCommerce has a native review system built into its core, but to get even more advanced reviews with features like you see at the world’s biggest eCommerce retailers, you can use an extension like WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro ($79/year at WooCommerce.com).

This extension’s top features include:

  • Customers can sort and filter reviews based on criteria like most helpful, most recent, five-star, one-star, and more.
  • The review form can include “review qualifier” questions you’ve set up to get more granular information about the product. (For example, “Does it fit true to size?”)
  • Customers can upload photos and videos along their review.
  • Customers can upvote and downvote reviews.
  • Customers can “watch” a thread in the reviews and receive notifications when there are updates.
  • Easier management of reviews on the merchant side; WooCommerce’s native reviews are mixed in with all WordPress comments, while Product Reviews Pro reviews can be managed separately.

Product Reviews Pro also integrates with WooCommerce Social Login ($79/year at WooCommerce.com), allowing customers to create an account or login with just one click using nine popular platforms including Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

If you sell products with multiple variations, by default, WooCommerce will only swap the main image when a customer selects a different variation. For example, if you sell a t-shirt in blue and green, only the main image will change when the customer switches from the default (blue) to the variant (green). The side and back images of the shirt will still remain blue.

With the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images extension ($49/year at WooCommerce.com), you can showcase multiple images for every variation. The galleries are easy to set up and manage on the standard product editing screen.

Adding additional variations in the gallery.

Anything you can do to remove some of the guesswork for a customer is good; Additional Variation Images is a small feature but one that eliminates some of that guesswork. And that could make a big difference to your customers.

WooCommerce Products Compare

If you sell a lot of similar products, your visitors will want to compare their different features as well as the difference in price. More than three-quarters of customers like to run price comparisons when they’re shopping—and if you can facilitate that on your site, you can avoid having a customer potentially leave to compare your products and prices with competitors’ products and prices.

With the WooCommerce Products Compare extension ($49/year at WooCommerce.com), customers can choose products on your site to compare side-by-side. Customers can check a box on a product either on a category page or a product page to add the product to a comparison list. You can display that list using a widget, so as a customer browses from product page to product page, they can keep adding products to compare and bring up the comparison chart at any time.

The products compare widget.

WooCommerce Tab Manager

Your product pages should provide your customers with plenty of details and information about each product. But that information needs to be organized in a logical and attractive manner. This will make it easier for your customers to digest the information and keep your product pages looking clean and professional.

With WooCommerce Tab Manager ($99/year at WooCommerce.com), you can add this functionality to your store. Some of the key features are:

  • You can create new tabs to encompass any information or features you want to cover.
  • There’s an option to create global tabs that can be shared between multiple products, and/or to create product-level tabs just for one specific product.
  • The extension will automatically detect tabs from most third-party extensions (e.g., WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form).
  • The tab content will be included in your on-site search results.

As we said earlier, product pages are often where a customer makes the decision to buy a product. You don’t want the customer leaving a product page to try to hunt down a FAQ or support page when you could present the info they’d find on those pages in a tab.

Product Add-Ons

One excellent way to increase your average order value with your product pages is through upsells—that is, getting a customer to spend more on the item they’re planning to purchase.

Approximately four percent of customers who see an upsell option will take it; if one out of 25 customers are increasing their order value thanks to an upsell, that can really add up.

Product Add-Ons ($49/year at WooCommerce.com) lets you add enticing upsells to a product page. You could offer customers things like engraving, personalization, better fabrics for apparel, better components for electronics, or anything else that might boost the value of the sale.

When you’re presenting high-quality upsells in a customer-friendly way, the upsell will feel like a service to a customer—you’re giving the customer the chance to customize or purchase the ideal version of the product for them, and that’s a win-win.

Key takeaways

The product pages on your clients’ WooCommerce stores (or your own store) close the deal on a sale—so it’s important to make them as helpful and convincing as possible.

There are several WooCommerce extensions which can help you enhance your product pages and ideally boost conversions as well.

  • Product Enquiry Form gives customers a chance to ask pre-sales questions that aren’t covered anywhere else on the site.
  • WooCommerce 360° Image allows you to feature images with full 360-degree rotation to better showcase products (and close some of the experiential gap between the online and in-store experiences).
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro enhances the quality of product reviews, allowing for advanced sorting, photo and video uploading, upvoting and downvoting, and more.
  • WooCommerce Additional Variation Images gives you the ability to showcase multiple images for every product variation and not just swap the primary image.
  • WooCommerce Products Compare gives customers the chance to compare items side-by-side to find the correct fit for their needs.
  • WooCommerce Tab Manager adds tabbed information to product pages, meaning you can feature more information without product pages getting more cluttered.
  • Product Add-Ons is a solution for product page upselling; offer customers extras like engraving, personalization, improved features, and more.

The following extensions mentioned in this post are included at no additional charge in the GoDaddy Managed WordPress eCommerce hosting package:

  • Product Enquiry Form
  • WooCommerce 360° Image
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro
  • WooCommerce Social Login
  • WooCommerce Additional Variation Images
  • WooCommerce Products Compare
  • WooCommerce Tab Manager
  • Product Add-Ons

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