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    Can't access my home page to make changes

    Hi everyone, 


    I can't access my Home page to remove content which is now old. I have narrowed it down to the Plugin Advanced Content creator. Once i disable that plugin, it works but does not show my content for me to edit out. I have tried to contact godaddy but they have said they can't help unless the plugin gets an update and fixes things. How do I move forward? This needs to be done and I feel like I've hit a wall

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    Advocate VII

    Hi @Diana3,
    Can you access your dashboard? If so, GoDaddy help is correcting asking that you update your plug-in if it is out of date. Particularly as of late the relationship between theme updates and plug-in updates has become quite critical.

    I am not familiar with this particular plug-in so I cannot give you any advice on specifics for updating it. Do you have a backup of your site? If so, you might want to use it as a starting point to create a temporary site and get all of your updates get WordPress installation working correctly. The managed WordPress hosting platform GoDaddy has this capability and I use it quite often.

    Feel free to private message me or leave a note here in this thread okay we'll see if we can get you some more help.

    Hope this helps,


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