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    Cannot customize Go Central

    I am working with Go Central. I previously used Web builder. I am very frustrated. I want to do more than chose colors and fonts. I would like to have the flexibility I had in Web builder. I would like to move things around and choose my template. 

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    Yeah, it can be frustrating getting used to GoCentral when you're used to the version of Website Builder that worked quite a bit like a Paint program. It's been made simpler to be more user-friendly and faster to set up, mainly for people who don't know anything about websites and don't have time to mess with it too much. You can still make a website that looks pretty neat if you play around with it a little bit. I've seen a few, but the one that comes to mind right now is 

    If you're desperate for that old Website Builder program, see if you know anyone who is part of the Reseller program through GoDaddy. They don't have the GoCenral yet & are still selling the old Website Builder - v7 though, not v6. No one has been selling v6 for a while.