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    Community Manager

    Connecting my website to Facebook

    I want to connect my website to Facebook so I can get more promotion. What do you recommend that I do? I hear that it's hard to get promoted on Facebook without paying money. 

    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
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    You're bringing up more than one topic in your question. I'll do the best I can to cover it all. 


    To connect your website with Facebook, that means to me that you want to provide some linkage between the two places on the web. If this is what you mean, there are a couple of things to do.


    1. Add a link to your Facebook page from your website. Often you see social media connection buttons on people's sites either in the header or footer.
    2. Add a Facebook "Like" interface to your website so people can like it and share that.
    3. Be sure to include links back to your site from your Facebook page.

    Promoting your site on Facebook is something completely different. There are many ways to promote your site on Facebook and not all of them require money. 


    Sharing valuable information on Facebook regularly is one of the best ways to grow your social media network and doesn't cost anything but time. 


    Should you wish to promote your site with Facebook using money, that's really worthy of it's own topic as there's so much involved in any kind of online advertising campaign. One needs to be familiar with terms like impressions (number of times your ad is shown), click-throughs (number of times your ad is clicked on), conversions (what step you indicate is required by the visitor to do, in order to qualify as a lead or sale).


    Online advertising works very well for some businesses. It's safe to say that the type of business, as well as the level of competition factor in to the success equation.


    In some ways, online advertising is much better than other forms of advertising as it is able to provide insights and analytics not possible with older forms of advertising like print media.

    StarNet Solutions

    There's a call to action on face book

    how does one find the facebook link to copy over into the webbuilder?

    My question exactly!

    why am I not able to Add a link anymore to my Facebook page from my website? Often you see social media connection buttons on people's sites either in the header or footer.

    Advocate III

    I have a link from my website to my business facebook page. I'm able to post my blogs, mailers etc. and encourage people to share and 'like' my page.


    My experience with paying money for advertising and promoting my facebook page was not successful. Most likely I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing, but in less than a week I had accumilated a $200 plus bill. Yikes! More people found my page and 'liked' it, but I got no conversions. My daughter, who is in PR simply said "I told you so...."


    Hope this helps!

    I've actually done a lot of Facebook advertising with great success. It's all about the targeting. You can get very, very granular with Facebook ads (and Instagram now too). Depending on what you're trying to do, there are different ways to approach it:


    SELLING STUFF (ECOMMERCE): Use the Facebook ads meant to send people to your website. Make sure you have the FB pixel installed on your site so you can track conversions (purchases). Do research on your target market, even beyond demographics: What other Facebook pages are they probably liking? If you sell pet toys, you can target people who like the Petco page AND who buy pet supplies online. Then experiment with different images and copy until you get something that's working. Stock images are better if you only have mediocre images of your own.


    BUILDING INTEREST IN YOUR BUSINESS: Use the Facebook ads meant to get "likes" on your page, then make sure you are posting really excellent content that inspires people to do or say something (click Like, comment, share, etc.). You will still have to use the "Boost Post" option to get your content seen. That's just the way it is these days. But the more you can get people engaging and sharing, the more your content will be seen organically, i.e. without paying.

    Erika Kerekes, Founder & Condiment QueenNot Ketchup Gourmet Grilling Sauces

    I use a couple of WP plugins to work with FB.  One is SNAP (Social Network Autoposter).  This plugin sends a nicely formatted post to FB with a link back to the page from which I posted on my site.  I find this particulary effective when I've made a blog post about an item I'm selling.  The blog post contains my marketing/sales information with either a buy now button on the page or a link to the product in my cart catalog.


    A second plugin that I use is Smashballoon's FB professional feed.  This allows you to bring FB into your WP-based site.  I find this particularly useful for those who are better-versed in FB posting than WP posting.  Sometimes it takes a while for a client to become comfortable with their WP dashboard.  While learning the ins and outs of WP posting they can continue to do what they know, FB posting, as they develop their unique website content.  By the way Smashballon also has an Instagram feed that's really good.


    I've been asked why bother with a website when you can do it on FB.  Real simple, you post it on FB - the content belongs to FB.  If FB decides to close your page for any reason you are SOL!


    Hope this helps!



    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    I just read where FB and Automattic are working together for a NEW WP plugin.  It is not the one that is currently listed in the WP plugin repository.  I will certainly be trying it out when its available in early April.  If anyone else knows about this, please let the community know.  Because FB can be difficult to work with outside of its markup, hopefully this will provide some relief.





    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
    Former Employee

    I would suggest you consider Website Builder if you just want to build a simple site. If you want to sell  products online, then you'll need Online Store.

    I just got a free store on FB and when I added in my product page, FB automatically uploaded everything. Very easy! I use Online Store for my site, The free FB only allows 3 products though. Upgrades are fairly reasonable cost but you have to pay for a whole year.

    There doesn't seem to be a dedicated Quick Shopping Cart category seems that their should be.


    Trying to connect my QSC to Facebook. Follow all the procedures but it just leads to a server error page.


    Any suggestions? The posts I've found regarding this is that Godaddy is aware of this and has been trying to fix it for awhile but its still being offered as something one can do. Which is it?