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    Creating Coupons in GoCentral

    My questions are regarding creating a dollar amount off coupon code and how it calculates:

    1. If a customer has a coupon code for $50.00 off and they only use $35.00 of it, can the coupon remember that there is a balance left of $15.00 to use or do they forfeit the remaining balance.
    2. Is there a way to create a coupon for $50.00 off their "next" order, not "all orders" without being product or category specific? I know that I can limit the number of uses to (1) but want the coupon to be open if a coupon balance exists.
    3. Can a coupon code be applied to the entire order to be applied to shipping charges as well instead of only subtotal?

    For example, an order for $35.00 plus $8.00 shipping totals $43.00. A customer has a coupon code for $50.00 off. Once they apply their coupon code, I'd like it to bring the balance to $0.00 with a remaining coupon balance of $7.00 to use on their next order. (Problem with limiting the number of uses, as the computer thinks there is another $50.00 to use instead of $7.00 balance on that coupon code.)


    I do not want the customer to have the coupon only apply to $35.00 and expect the customer to pay for $8.00 shipping when there is availability on the the coupon. I also do not want the customer to forfeit the balance of $15.00 remaining and do not want the coupon to be used again.


    Any help. I guess I'm treating this like a gift card because there is no other functionality to use to allow for marketing discounts.

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    I get what you want to do but as you note yourself, you want coupons to act like gift cards.  Apples to oranges. 


    Coupons don't work in a way where a balance is carried over or you can control what order in sequence they are used on.  


    Plus GoCentral has a *very* basic coupon system. I cannot think of a solution or workaround for this one on GoCentral. 


    HTH! 😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    @Muse, I get what you are saying, and I know I answered my own question, but I posed this question in the community to see if others experience this same situation and what their workarounds were to this what you quote as a very "basic" system. Gift cards are a MUST in marketing of a company big or small and to not have something like this available in GoCentral's ecommerce is not competitive. I guess I'm starting to see why others are moving away from GoDaddy to other ecommerce systems due to very basic functionality issues that ecommerce should have. Sad, I'm in month two to find out that GoDaddy is not suited for me and I need more advanced systems, but didn't know all I would run into until I delved deep into Go Daddy's services.