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    Go Central vs Deluxe Quick Shopping Cart - zero products on google - help please

    Hi - I'm hoping someone can help me.  I worked with GoDaddy Deluxe Shopping Cart for years, we had a good web presence and as a lot of our products are in a niche market (vintage parts for tractors, plant, vans, cars etc) we were on page 1 of google for a lot of our products using their part numbers/titles.


    I moved to Go Central Online Store being told it was the same kind of platform but I could have loads more products added.

    So we moved over, adding products etc is straight forward and I'm pleased with the template/way it looks.


    BUT our web presence is now zero, not a single product shows on google.  Our homepage does but nothing else.  This is really affecting our online sales. It's like the site isn't indexed.

    I've checked and sitemap.xls is there with sitemap.ols.xml below it.


    This website has been up with the Go Central Online Store for months, it is regularly published as I am adding products to it all the time.  But at the moment it is absolutely worthless to me.


    With the Deluxe Shopping Cart I could add Meta Tag Title, Description & Meta Tag Key words. I've put as much SEO into the new online store as it allows me.  but it is like something is missing with the indexing, as if I copy the title of one of my products letter for letter and paste it into google it doesn't come up - and it used to with Deluxe Shopping Cart.


    Apologies for the ramble, if someone could shed some light on this for me that would be marvelous, thank you


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    Hi @Gelloire

    Thanks for posting in our forums. There's no sure way to improve your site's rank in search engine results, but adding the extra info does attract search engines. Most of the added information is only seen by search engine web crawlers. The index file is usually crawled by search engines, the time frame as to when the site's content will be searchable, it's not something we can assist with. If you believe your index file is not detectable, please reach out to our support team for them to review the file. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Hi - thank you for replying.  Yes something is definitely not right.  

    We have lost our web presence entirely since switching over - if I had known this was going to happen I would never have done it.

    Will see what support say, cheers again for getting back to me

    Getting Started

    yes having the same issues  used Quick shopping cart for years  the Quick shopping cart XML file is bad Now in the Quick shopping cart Go daddy says its fine however  this is the error message

    Unsupported file format
    Your Sitemap does not appear to be in a supported format. Please ensure it meets our Sitemap guidelines and resubmit.


    while the claim the new platform is the same and even better before we move the site  we have just lost 10 years of organics.  the new platform is not even close to as diverse as the old platform.  cant add fonts pictures etc...... while we were told for years that the site could not be migrated we did find a work around moving 100 products at a time. through CSV files


    I believe that Godaddy is having coding issues because I don't care how old the platform is and xml file is an xml file Google can't read the file apparently. of our 3000 products we have 16 that are searchable currently. sure they will help you with SEO for $900 maybe.....


    They will NEVER own up to having an issue  just keep digging and submitting to google search console.


    I don't know why Google hates Go daddy but they sure do....... I know Go Daddy will say no they don't  case is why are they the only platform that Google wont Give the conversion code to for Analytics. it's very frustrating....  

    Hi - thanks so much for the info, I get this error:


    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


    I'm no expert but I'm sure its not SEO issues as my website content is exactly the same as it was on Deluxe Shopping Cart and we enjoyed page 1 on a lot of our products.  Now we don't even show up - at all! Well our homepage does, but I'm paying a lot of money for a one page presence.


    I'm quite worried as I am tied into this until April 2020, it was my decision to move the business over to Go Central and I am in a hell of a lot of trouble if our products have no exposure on google..I'll get in touch with support but I think I already know where that is headed..


    Cheers for the reply - I'll let you know how I do (or dont) get on 🙂

    Hi - well as you guessed I got absolutely no where.  I requested the transcript be emailed to me as I honestly cannot believe the "Support" I didn't receive and I wanted to put some of it on here.  Surprise surprise no email transcript has arrived as yet.

    Even though the support call was escalated they kept repeating it had nothing to do with them, I sent a screen shot of the error (sitemap) and they said it wasn't clear, they couldn't read it.

    They said it was something I would have to resolve - but then said coding isn't possible with Go Central Product


    I asked them on more than one occasion to explain why things have failed so badly since moving from Deluxe Shopping Cart - ignored me.

    I explained I have done every single possible step of SEO on the Go Central Product (limited as it is) and that there is a catastrophic failure somewhere with the site map/google picking it up.


    When I said that the website was of zero value to me as potential customers will never find us they said something on the lines of:

    "Customers will need to go to your homepage first and search for the products from there."



    The point is customers used to put part numbers or products names into google and we would show up, often on page 1 - at the top!


    SO frustrated, I've been sold a product that has zero worth to me, Godaddy don't care. Their "World Class Support" is a complete joke.  

    Will keep digging to see if I can improve this situation but right now I'm so frustrated. 

    If I get anywhere I will post on here


    Thanks for the info, and I'm really sorry to hear how support is treating you here....


    If nothing else this really set in stone that we would rather back out of using GoCentral. Hopefully GoDaddy will realize what a catastrophic problem this is for small businesses.

    @Gelloire @RackDoctor I've been complaining about this since I switched from Quick Shopping Cart to the GoCentral Store. None of my products are showing up on any search engines, despite one-of-a-kind names and heavy seo data. I thought it was because of the fact that there is no place for category copy, which search engines want. Here's my thread about it:


    It is a disastrous situation for me. I'm actually having to abandon months of work and seek a job elsewhere because this product DOES NOT WORK. NINE YEARS I've tried to get a viable product with GD and still, nothing. These issues, coupled with the fact the search box does not product correct results, is a disgrace.

    @charminglygeeky @Gelloire @RackDoctor We need a status report on this issue. If you can't or won't fix it, we need to know.

    Hi - how is it going for everyone?  I'm still in the same boat and getting nowhere.

    I have web developers contacting me now saying " You realise your website has no back end?"