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    GoCentral Wesite Builder

    In the years that I have been with GoDaddy, I have always liked most of the changes they did with the website builders. But now I must say that I find this GoCentral website builder pretty pathetic. I own five domains. One is a website and I wanted to give another a website. The first is with Pro web builder and when I wanted to build another, it threw me to GoC. I can build my site much quicker with Pro. With GoC there aren't many options for images as to what you want to do. Well, to make it short. Get rid of this GoC junk and bring back Pro or give us the option to use either one. I want to build my domains with GoD, but if I will be forced to use GoC, I will transfer all of my domains somewhere else.

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    Hi @CARLOS305, thanks for posting.

    I'm sorry to hear that the new Website Builder, GoCentral, doesn't meet your needs. If you want more control over building your site, you might want to consider using WordPress through our Managed WordPress hosting service.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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